When To Go For Carpet Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Flooring options can come endlessly when you want to renovate an investment property. The best choice for one property may not be the same as another. Factors like the investment property type, the value of the investment property, its geographic location, and how the rooms are used are something to think about. Why not start with carpet tiles for the flooring of your real estate property.

The Value of the Property

The fair market value of a property will have a large role in considering the quality of flooring used on the property. Like for instance using carpet tiles for the flooring, you don’t want to over improve the house. The investor will need to consider how much to spend for the flooring, so that it suits the overall value of the house.

Location of the Property

The area to which the property is located can have a major impact on the type of flooring to use. If the area is hot all year round or has a lot of humidity, then a tile is preferred to use over carpets or hardwood. Tile will keep the home cooler and is easily maintained.

For hardwood, these have tendencies to expand when it’s high in humidity as the moisture in the air is absorbed, making the hardwood buckle and crack. So, if you live in humid climates, it’s a flooring option to consider.

For carpets, this is not advisable for locations with warm climates as it can retain heat and moisture whichlead to formations of mildew and moulds. However, you still have the option to choose carpet tiles if you really want carpets in the home.

How the Room is Used

A suitable type of flooring for a room will also depend on how it is used. For example, in the bathroom, you will want a flooring that can resist water and moulds. Hardwood and carpets are not great choices for bathrooms, as they can get damaged.

For the kitchen, it will have a similar concern. You never add a carpet to the kitchen as it may easily burn. However, you can use hardwood, which are now turning more popular in kitchens. There is also a growing concern about warping in the kitchen due to water leaks from appliances and the heat of the stove.

For the next storeys in the house, you may want to add carpet tiles as it can absorb noise than other flooring materials.