• Unlucky 4 And 13 In The Real Estate Industry

    Digital signage is a very powerful marketing tool for real estate agents. It can increase visibility and can conveniently communicate a message to the target audience. Aside from technical installation, vending machine installation and gym installation services, a specialist logistics provider also offers digital signage installation on a wide range of sites, outdoor spaces, public spaces and indoor public locations.

    Real estate agents in certain communities understand the difficulties of selling condo units located at the 4th floor. According to Tina Mak, a real estate agent in Vancouver, at first she did not believe the unlucky 4 but it is happening.

    In some Asian cultures, the number 4 is considered unlucky because it resembles the word for death in Cantonese and Mandarin. Mak says that her clients believe the cultural preference that plays a big part in making purchasing decisions. This issue is specifically addressed as tetraphobia or the fear of number four. Those who fear the number 13 are actually suffering from triskaidekaphobia.

    A few years ago, Vancouver city officials began to notice an increase in special applications from commercial and residential developers. Permission is being sought for to skip floors that contained the numbers 4 and 13. This means that there are buildings without a 4th floor, 13th floor, 24th floor and so on.

    According to Pat Ryan, chief building official of Vancouver, initially, it was only one or two buildings; however, it spread rapidly that it has started to spiral out of control. New applications kept coming in and Vancouver has to announce that the practice is being banned in new condos and office tower developments.

    The biggest concern on the unpredictable numbering system is the risks that fire-fighters may face when climbing the stairs in a smoke-filled environment. It can create confusion because the fire-fighters put pressure on the hose that matches the building’s floors.

    If you have plans to putting a gym or a fitness centre in a condominium building, the best option is gym installation services that can be provided by a high tech logistics partner. Site inspections will be performed prior to delivery to determine whether the fitness equipment has to be pre-assembled in a high tech warehouse.

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  • Thailand’s Centara Hotels Appoints SVP For Business Development

    Centara Hotels & Resorts recently made an important appointment for their operations in Thailand. The group is Thailand’s leading hotel operator, with a hotel near Central World counted among its properties.

    Centara recently announced their appointment of the Brit, Andrew Langston, as their new Senior Vice President of Business Development in the company’s development team, to report directly to Centara Deputy CEO Markland Blaiklock. The appointment was made by the company in order to bring in the Brit’s 34 years of experience in the hospitality industry in order to aid the company in moving forward -with their ambitious 5-year expansion plan.

    Throughout his 34 year career in the hospitality industry, Langston has taken senior management positions in several major hotel groups like Banyan Tree and Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), with his most recent position acting as Executive Vice President of Strategic Advisory & Asset Management at Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels & Hospitality Group, for whom he was based in Thailand, working throughout Asia.

    Centara issued a statement on the appointment, saying that they believe that Langston’s talents in the industry have been honed at the highest levels, having his start serving the British royal family as a footman at the Buckingham Palace, where he looked after Her Majesty, the Queen of England, Diana the Princess of Wales, and other key figures in the royal family.

    Centara CEO ThirayuthChirathivat says that Langston’s laudable history and experience in hotel operations, asset management, investment and negotiation will be invaluable to the future operations of Centara Hotels & Resorts.

    Langston also spoke on the matter, saying that he’s excited to have the opportunity to work with such a large, respected Thai hospitality group, one with such exciting ambitions for significant and strategic growth, both within the country and across the world.

    Over the next five years, as part of their expansion plan, Centara Hotels & Resorts aims to double its size with new properties in Thailand and newer international markets, as well as establishing a foothold into new markets and niches.

    It has two flagship properties in Bangkok, one of which is a hotel near Central World; Centara Grand &  Bangkok Convention Centre at Central World, and the Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao.

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  • Hotel Investment In Myanmar Continues To Go Up In Spite Of Lower Tourism Numbers

    In Myanmar, Singaporean company, Memories Group Ltd recently launched three hotels, one in Mawlamyaing, Yangon and Mergui, respectively. This development occurred even in spite of the declining tourist numbers and occupancy rates that’s striking the country.

    The 72-room , 3-star Hotel Suggati will be the newest hotel in Mawlamyaing, and is being marketed as a business hotel. The city’s the fourth largest in the country, 300km southeast of Yangon, near the mouth of the Thanlwin River.

    Hotel Suggati General Manager Leila Nortier says that the city doesn’t really have that many options in the hospitality sector, and they hope to fill a niche in the market.

    Meanwhile, there’s a new addition for Yangon hotels, as Memories opened the Awei Metta, a 46-room hotel aimed at both business and leisure travellers. The property also shares its space with the Pun Hlaing Golf Course, which has played host to the Asian Tour Myanmar Open for two years in a row.

    These hotels are entering Myanmar’s market at a time when tourist arrivals and occupancy rates are dropping.

    According to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Myanmar welcomed 2.5 million international visitors from January to September in 2018, which is about the same compared to the same time in 2017. Whilst tourist arrivals from Europe did drop sharply, tourist arrivals from Thailand, China, India and Malaysia went up between 5% and 33% year-on-year, offsetting the losses.

    Notably, foreign investments in Myanmar’s hotel industry are still going up, possibly in anticipation of growth in the future, say U MyoMyint, the Director of Planning in the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. He adds that foreign investment in the sectors have been going up since 2016, with most of the investors coming from Singapore.

    In 2016, Myanmar saw 57 new hotel projects worth US$3.1 billion/K4.9 trillion launched. As of the end of October 2018, the number went up to 67 projects, amounting to a total value of $4.4 billion. The highest number of projects were Yangon hotels, with 47, followed by Mandalay and Myeik, each with four, Kawtaung and Tachileik, each with three, and followed by Bagan, Dawei, Kalaw, Mawlamyaing, Nay Pyi Taw and Pathein, each with one.

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  • Proposal For Construction Of New Stadium In Everton

    In a recent announcement, Everton revealed that there is already a proposal for a new stadium that will have a seating capacity of 52,000. There is also plan for the stadium to be expanded in the future until 62,000 seats. There are already a number of football stadiums all over England but it does not stop Everton from its plan of establishing its own.

    There are no publicly released designs yet regarding the ground for the new stadium because there has been some delay with the planning application until the end of 2019. They have, however, conducted a public consultation regarding their plans to move to Bramley Moore in order to renovate the Goodison Park. After the first consultation, the football club has confirmed that they are planning to build the arena to accommodate 52,000 spectators and it will be constructed beside the River Mersey.

    The number of seats was based on the current demand for tickets as well as projection of future demands. As of writing, Everton has a total of 32,000 fans that are season-ticket holders and around 10,000 more are queuing on the list. Aside from ticket demands, other factors were also considered such as the stadium’s orientation, costs and the projected revenues.

    There will be two stands included in the design which are going to be reserved for future expansions which will allow additional rail seats and even safe standing in case there are any changes in the legislation.

    Colin Chong is the development director of the stadium for Everton. According to him, the number is only their proposed capacity and the final seat number is yet to be determined based on future consultations and meetings. They are taking the sustainable way not just commercially but also financially.

    According to Sasha Ryazantsev, the chief financial officer of the football club, they already have an idea as to how much they will need for the project and they are already ahead of their timeline overall. The club is pretty excited with the project because it will add to the number of football stadiums in the country which will further the sport of football.

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  • Why Choose To Buy And Sell Motorcycles From Wheels Honda

    To open a business of buying and selling motorcycles, you’ll find it difficult if you’re not knowledgeable and don’t have the experience. However, if you have the finances to establish this type of business, you need to know some points to help you open one. Just like www.wheelshonda.co.uk, they have been in this business for many years and can provide you with what you need.

    Earn Money by Buying or Selling Motorcycles

    If you love motorcycles, then you have the best option to buy or sell them to earn money. At this point in time, there are many people who want to use motorcycles as their means of transport. You can turn it into an opportunity to sell or buy one. Note that the motorcycle market is widely available, and surely there will be one or two interested in what you intend to offer. This is what www.wheelshonda.co.uk does to their customer, that’s why they have been in business for such a long time.

    In comparison to vehicles that run on four-wheels, the motorcycle is considered a cheaper option. You will likely learn to ride the bike much easier than what regular vehicles do. For this reason, there are many people interested to buy one for their needs. It also provides them convenience and ease, especially when there is heavy traffic on the streets, as they can easily move on wards.

    There are also people who prefer brand-new bikes and there are also those who choose secondhand ones. Though brand-new bikes are more expensive than secondhand ones, these require fewer adjustments. Secondhand ones may need frequent repairs and will need to spend more money on them. Besides, you need to find a trusted and reputed dealer to give you a credible bike that will run many miles on the roads.

    What to Consider When Acquiring a Motorbike

    Just like what www.wheelshonda.co.uk provides, you need to find the right motorcycle according to your preference, taste and needs. They come in various models and designs and they can be driven manually or automatic. Choose a trusted dealer like Wheels Honda, where you can purchase a motorcycle that is high-qualityfor an affordable price.

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  • What If They’re Opting A Corporate Event Venue In Sutherland Shire In Your Business Location?

    There never has been a merrier business that party business. Those who have initiated such event space know that it’s an industry helping people to have a great time, making them experience enjoyment, and keeping the nuts and bolts of the party out of the limelight. It’s a difficult job to organise but you’ll see its rewards. That why you’ll find those offering a corporate event venue in Sutherland Shire for such purpose.

    If you’re a type of person to please people, meet new people, create bonds, while sharing great food, drinks and a nice ambiance. You’ll be interested in turning this passion into business, that’s why you’ll start up a venue that will suit people’s needs, like those planning a corporate event venue in Sutherland Shire. They can include parties, concert halls for shows and weddings, which will remain constant if you have this business.

    Find a Location That is Convenient and Comfortable

    First thing to do is to secure a high-quality building from a preferred location. While you can control anything about your space, like customising it, know what events to host, and what food to cater, the building and location will be a fixture that best describes your business.

    You need to have a huge location that makes a difference. You need to have your guests love your food, where your customers have allocated a budget. It should be in an attractive neighbourhood where people can love to visit and easily transport. People show up anytime as they love the comfort and familiarity. Therefore, you must assure your customers that they will love your location.

    Start Investing in Small Equipment

    After finding the right location for your party business, you need to invest in equipment that make your business operate. There will be kitchens, tables, chairs and silverware to spend, so business will go exactly as planned. If people are planning various events like a corporate event venue in Sutherland Shire, then these must be a priority.

    Your Price Must be in Line with the Market

    When it comes to charging customers, you must know how to charge them with your business. Try to know your competition and what they are offering. Visit venues that offer similar services as yours. Offer lower than them so that people get to notice your venue. Consider less of your profits while building charges that customers can afford.

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