• Amazons Gets Advertisers From Facebook Thanks To Apple Privacy Changes

    Amazon’s foray into digital advertising has been good, though it’s come at the expense of Google.

    The e-commerce platform is now gaining more advertisers, but this time from Facebook, 2nd in US digital advertising sales, which has usually been immune from such changes due to it being considered as separate from the search advertising on Amazon and Google.

    The recent changes implemented by Apple Inc. to its privacy policies, however, have hit Facebook’s advertising, making it less effective.  As a result, advertisers have begun looking for alternatives.

    The shift of advertisers from Facebook to Amazon is still fairly new, so experts aren’t sure how this big and how long this phenomenon will persist. A lot of brands aren’t too keen on moving to Amazon due to the direct connection that Facebook provides.

    Marketing agency Belardi Wong, with its amazing King Kong marketing agency review and 300 clients, stated that more than 40% of its clientele reporting a drop in the numbers from their Facebook ads in June, which they explain is why advertisers are migrating to other platforms.

    Amazon entered the US digital advertising only recently, fearing that having a lot of ads on their platform would alienate their shoppers. As of August 2021, however, Amazon holds 10.7% of the country’s digital ad market, with its ads being one of the fastest-growing and most profitable avenues.

    In the second quarter of 2021, Amazon’s ‘other’ category, which is primarily revenue, grew by a whopping 87.5%, versus Facebook’s ad sales growing by 56% in the same time period.

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  • Google No Longer Considering Safe Browsing As A Factor For Page Experience Ranking

    With the size of Google’s share on the market, it’s no surprise that professionals like King Kong Sabri Suby pay attention to updates they roll out for their search engine.

    Recently, Google updated its page experience factors on their page, removing the safe browsing signal. The search engine explained that they recognize that the site owners don’t always have control of any security issues, which is why they removed it from the Page Experience report.

    The tech company even posted a new diagram featuring the page experience signals they pay attention to, and, true enough, no “safe browsing” listed down. As Google mentioned before, site owners don’t always have control of security issues, thanks to things like third-party hijacking, and the like.

    The search engine will continue to pay attention to such issues, flagging them in the Search Console, but this will no longer affect page experience rankings for sites.

    Google is also getting rid of the Ad experience widget, in order to avoid bringing up the same information on two places in their Search Console, as they explained.

    There were additional changes made to the page experience report as well, including some bug fixes and some additional banners.

    The changes will take effect as the page experience update, which started rolling out since June 15, 2021, finishes rolling out by the end of August.

    With these changes, site owners no longer need to worry about security breaches that they had no control over ruining their ranking on Google Search. Of course, it’s still smart to provide a secure browsing experience, as users will raise complaints about security, especially now with the greater emphasis on user privacy and security in the online space.

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  • What To Do If You Are Charged With DUI?

    In every state, it is considered a crime to operate a vehicle while impaired by the effects of alcohol or drugs. The specific offense is frequently called driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). DUI laws make it a crime to operate a car, motorcycle, truck, or vehicle if the driver is intoxicated above the level that is established by DUI standards.

    A police officer can make a vehicle stop if the driver is suspected to be intoxicated. A field sobriety test will be conducted on the driver or some form of chemical test for intoxication may be administered upon his consent.

    During the field sobriety test, the police officer may ask the driver to perform a number of tasks so that his impairment can be assessed. The driver may be asked to walk a straight line or recite the alphabet backward. The officer may also use the eye and penlight test to determine the driver’s blood alcohol concentration. However, the test is notorious for being administered incorrectly by police officers.

    A Breathalyzer is used to measure a person’s blood alcohol concentration but drivers have to give their consent to this form of DUI testing. If the driver refuses to submit to testing, implied consent laws carry penalties like mandatory suspension of the driver’s license from 6 months to a year. License sanctions for refusing testing are harsher than those imposed after a failed DUI test.

    All states have DUI laws that deem “per se intoxicated” any driver that has a blood alcohol concentration that is above the set limit of .08. In the eyes of the law, a driver is intoxicated when the blood alcohol concentration is .08 and above and does not require any further proof of driving impairment.  States also have the “zero tolerance” law for drivers under the legal drinking age.

    If you have been charged with DUI, your best option is to call MyDefence for the necessary assistance to obtain a much better outcome for your case. It can be a reduced charge, probation instead of jail time and a solid defence that can result in dropped charges or a not guilty verdict.

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  • Important Things To Consider Before Engaging In Cross-Border Trade

    Cross-border trade between the US and Canada is big business that generates astronomical profits for companies using the North American distribution model. However, cross-border trade also has its share of challenges because the movement of goods has its own set of rules and regulations, custom paperwork, security clearances, and carrier requirements.

    Before you decide to engage in cross-border trade, make sure that you have knowledge and understanding of documentation. When it comes to cross-border shipping, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Canadian Borders Services Agency (CBSA) must know what products you are bringing to the country and the origin of the products. The information they require can be accessed through the documentation you are required to submit.

    When it comes to shipping products, no one knows better than the customs broker. A licensed customs broker will serve as a liaison between the company and the custom agency. They provide the necessary advice on the preparation of documentation needed by the shipments including entry forms. They will transmit all the documents and forms to the custom agency and manage the payments of duties, taxes, and fees. They will ensure that all documentation is prepared on time to avoid unnecessary delays and fees.

    An overwhelming 62% of all goods that cross the border are hauled by trucks. Trucking is the preferred option for cross-border transport because it delivers a combination of cost, timing, and visibility. Regardless of whether you want to use 3PL or an asset-based carrier, you have to make sure that the trucking provider has experience in hauling cross-border freight. The transport provider must have the necessary expertise and technology to provide regular timely updates to the shipper.

    There is a lot of freight that passes the border and any mistakes can be very costly. Unnecessary delays in the arrival of goods may affect production and delivery schedules.

    Your best option when it comes to reliable transport across all of North America is Titan Transline, a one-stop 3PL logistics and trucking provider. Years of experience in cross-border logistics have made them one of the trusted names in cross-border transport. A professional team can handle even the most complex transport requests with expertise and personalized service.

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  • Strategies For Advertising Reviews On The Internet

    So you have a growing list of positive feedback from your customers. Congratulations! This means you are providing excellent service to your base, and you most definitely should be proud of that.

    This is a great time for you to make the most out of these reviews and expand your customer base to attract new customers. By promoting feedback from satisfied consumers, you are building your credibility and brand reputation. Here are four ways you can make the most out of customer reviews in your digital marketing methods.

    1. Show them off on your website. The best way to make the testimonials more prominent on your website is to scatter them throughout all your different pages. By using different testimonials in every page, you are setting up consistent reminders to site visitors about the excellent quality of your service.


    1. Share them on social media. This is perhaps the easiest way you can reach people since many Internet users are on some form of social media. Be sure to use different formats and styles depending on the platform you are using.


    1. Include them in your pricing packages and brochures. As potential customers go through the products and services you have to offer, you can justify the costs by including real-life testimonials of those who got their money’s worth.


    1. Generate content from reviews. You can create a blog post about one user’s testimonial, or do a series of Instagram Stories highlighting different experiences, or you can even create videos, such as King Kong advertising reviews through testimonial videos from their clients.


    As a business owner, doing excellent service is truly a feat, so there is no reason not to share this with future customers. Take pride in this, and strategise!


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  • In-House Agency Council Launches In The AU

    Australia recently saw the formation of the country’s In-House Agency Council, a community for the country’s in-house marketing agencies.

    The Council is founded by several major companies in the AU, with members including Australia Post, Carlton United Breweries, Eucalyptus, Hawthorn Football Club, Kantar, Iution, MYOB, Newscorp, Optus, Sportsbet, The Star Entertainment Group, and others.

    Iution CEO Chris Maxwell will take post as chairman and leader of the IHAC.

    The council was formed with the intention of helping in-house marketing agencies across Australia grow and develop, handling things like advocacy, training, recruitment, setting best practices for the industry and others, alongside a new annual award series and secondment programmes, masterclasses, and networking.

    Other founding board members of the IHAC include:

    • MYOB Head of Design, Agency and Brand Belinda Watson
    • SportsBet Marketing General Manager Tim Hernadi
    • Brand and Marketing Advisor Michael Sinclair
    • Catsales Chief Marketing Officer Kellie Cordner
    • Optus Consumer Marketing Director Angela Greenwood
    • Newscorp Managing Director for Commercial Content Mike Connaghan

    Maxwell, who formerly served as Carlton United Breweries’ Marketing Director, stated his belief that the IHAC is a chance for in-house marketing agencies across Australia to come together, connect, and collaborate for their benefit, and the growth of the industry as a whole.

    Maxwell stated that he talked to others in the industry like king kong sabri suby, and stated that there were common problems, opportunities, and themes across their different experiences. It was then that they realized that in-house marketing agencies had no forum for collaborating, sharing, or establishing standard procedure for the industry, which is why they established the IHAC.


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