• Four Common Foot Problems Treated By Podiatrists

    Feet are the most neglected part of human body. Most of us do not give them the importance, they owe. Though feet are the vital organs that aid in our mobility, they are also the most neglected. Most of us do not even think of the feet and ankles until we experience pain or problem in mobility.

    It is advisable to check the feet regularly and maintain good foot hygiene to provide a healthy base to our body. Consult an experienced podiatrist in Bankstown, if you notice any irritation, swelling or uncommon dryness on the feet.

    Here is a list of some of the common foot problems which can be treated by podiatrist in Bankstown using medication and surgeries.

    1. Fungal infections – Fungal infections and bacterial infections are caused because of the damp and warm conditions. Blisters, redness of the skin and irritation are common signs of fungal and bacterial infections. These infections should be immediately treated by an experienced podiatrist in Bankstown, to prevent them from turning chronic. It is recommended to keep the foot dry and expose them to air regularly to keep fungal and bacterial infection at bay.
    2. Corns and callouses – They are caused due to the friction and pressure. It is advisable to consult a reputed podiatrist in Bankstown immediately, if you notice any corns and callouses on the feet. They are the best persons who can diagnose the cause of these conditions and prescribe proper medication to treat the issue. Do not treat corns and calluses with over the counter medication as it provides temporary relief but does not cure the problem.
    3. Warts – viruses cause warts on the feet. Warts are sometimes pain less while some are painful. Warts spread all over the feet when they are left untreated. Consult an experienced podiatrist to get proper treatment for the warts. These professionals can prescribe medicines to treat the warts or remove them through surgical procedures.
    4. In-grown toenails – This is the most common foot problem faced by most of us. A part of the nail grows inside the skin and causes severe pain. This mainly occurs due to improper trimming of toenails. A podiatrist in Bankstown, can treat in-grown toe nails by surgically removing the nail that is breaking the skin and causing pain.


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  • ASIC Looking At Raising Standards for financial adviser managers

    The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), is looking to update its rules that cover financial services companies like www.plenty.com.au, with the goal of raising the educational standards of the people managing financial advisers in the country.

    It is currently proposing to introduce a new method with which managers of financial advisors can demonstrate their knowledge and skills, proving they have the qualifications for handling their work. This new option, Option 6, is being proposed under the Regulatory Guide 105 Licensing: Organisational Competence (RG 105).

    ASIC says that Option 6 will be reflective of the higher education and training standards that are in place for financial advisers like www.plenty.com.au, and will require advice licensees to have, at minimum, one responsible manager who satisfies Option 6.

    ASIC Commissioner Danielle Press says that these proposals are designed to improve the organisational competence of financial advice licensees by ensuring that that the people who supervise advisers are responsible managers who adhere to the appropriate level of educational and training acumen.

    Commissioner Press adds that they would like to add to the currently existing options for managers to demonstrate their knowledge and skills; their qualifications, via the new Option 6. This new option will be reflective of the industry’s new expectations when it comes to the level of competence of its people.

    Responsible managers who wish to be cleared by Option 6 would have to pass the financial adviser exam, possess the degrees require for financial advisers, as well as meet continuing professional development (CPD) requirements.

    Both new and existing managers who wish to meet Option 6’s terms have until the start of January 2021 to pass the exam, and until the start of January 2024 to acquire the required degrees.

    ASIC is currently looking for people to respond on the compliance costs, which they are expecting to take effect on competition, as well as other impacts, costs, and, of course, benefits regarding the proposed changes.

    Submissions for consultation can be submitted until December 6, 2018, with an updated RG105 outlining the update organisational competence requirements for advice licensees expected to come out sometime early 2019.

    The proposals under consideration are based on the existing draft guidance, as published by the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA).


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  • Items Forbidden To Load On A Removal Truck

    There is a misconception that companies offering furniture removals in Sydney will be able to carry anything their clients ask them too. In fact, there are a number of things that are not allowed to go onboard a removal truck.

    According to an Australian Furniture Removals Association’s executive director, Joe Lopino there is truth to this misconception that removalists can take with them any item. In order to prevent both parties from being frustrated during the actual moving day, clients should know the list of items can’t be moved.

    This is to avoid what happened with a removals’ client, Shirley Potter, who assumed she will be able to take everything she wants with her. At the end of the move, she found out that her removalists declined to take a set of used paint tins and her sword collection.

    One might think that the sword collection was not allowed because of safety reasons but the removalists said that it is not the main reason since the swords are not weapons and they are not sharp either. They are simply collectibles that can be hanged on the wall.

    The main reason they declined to load it on their truck is because the collectible is very fragile and expensive that their insurance will not cover it in case it got damaged on the way. The removalists said that the list of items they are not accepting for transport includes ID documents, cash, and jewellery. All items that are too fragile that might get damaged inside the truck are also not accepted.

    The paint tins, however, are not accepted for safety reasons. It is a big no-no for removalists to accept these along with gas bottles and pool chemicals. During summer, the temperature can reach very high inside the truck and there is a high risk despite the fact that they are closed containers. Homeowners who hired removals in Sydney should know that LPG gas bottles are also not acceptable since it has a high risk of exploding. If they can get a professional Gas Cylinder Test Station to empty the gas then the LPG bottles can be transported safely.

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  • Telstra Executive Fires Back Regarding Pay Protests

    Corporate culture experts like Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis tend to have varying opinions on how to operate best, but general consensus is that a company should take good care of even its lowest employees.

    People have been calling out Telstra for doing the exact opposite of that, following its proposal to pay CEO Andy Penn $4.5 million for 2018, as well as payout its departing executives, which comes after it revealed that it will be sacking 8000 workers across the time span of three years. Company shares dropped from $3.55 at the year’s start to $3.045 early October.

    Telstra Chairman John Mullen, however, has fired back, defending the telco’s performance and the pay its top executives receive following the protests. In a fairly colorful address, he attacked the company’s critics, shareholders and advisors, pointing to the modern pay-setting system for executives as the source of the problems.

    He said that Telstra’s performance need to match global standards, as well as deal with the unique threat the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) poses, which has forced their hand. The company recently announced a massive cost-cutting drive in response to the current market conditions, which include the axing of 8000 jobs.

    He says that the current climate needs to get real and acknowledge the issue. According to Mullen, more than a quarter of investors voted against the proposed remunerations for its executives, constituting what might be the first strike against it. The vote is not binding, but should there be another strike against the board, they will be facing re-election.

    Mullen believes that executive salaries are too high across the board, but that changing it needs time and needs to be something all of corporate Australia needs to get into, and that Telstra was ‘doing its part’.

    Shareholders called foul on Mullen, saying that what he was doing and the payment towards executives was nothing short of disappointing.

    John Ellery, from the Communications Workers Union in the AU, criticized Telstra’s board on behalf of its staff members over the company’s recent pay offer of 1.5%, reportedly lower than inflation, describing it as Telstra slapping the people they so allegedly value in the face.

    Telstra has come under fire, from workers unions, employees and corporate experts like Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis regarding their ‘disgusting’ executive pay system. Mullen, however, declined to get into a discussion about bargaining, only saying that the recent layoffs are the hardest part of the job.

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  • Realtors Release A Scary Forecast On The Real Estate Market

    In 2016, a former motocross rider created a promotional video to advertise his new job as a real estate agent. Yes, indeed, real estate agents can ride motorcycles to home showings. It may or may not elicit strong reactions from clients but they will certainly understand the love for freedom and excitement. For the road bike range, there is Moto Guzzi for sale from UK dealers.

    Meanwhile the forecast for 2019 that was released by California Association of Realtors (CAR) on the real estate market is a little scary. It is common for many housing economists to wait for November or December before they release their predictions but CAR’s forecast showed confidence regardless of whatever happens in the coming weeks.

    Whenever realtors say that there might be a little adjustment in the market, people must take it seriously. The last time that CAR made a prediction about a minor correction in the market, property values fell heavily.

    Realtors usually have the natural tendency to keep to a minimum any downturn in the market. By nature, realtors are optimistic and believe that they need to enthusiastically promote their services. However, when there is a forecast of modest decline in existing home sales, people should take cover.

    The existing number of homes sales this year is lower than 2017 and CAR expects that sales will drop further in 2019. Inventory is scarce this year particularly properties that are below $450,000. For the coming year, inventory is expected to increase but there will be fewer buyers due to economic and demographic factors.

    According to President Trump, the biggest threat is the Federal Reserve that has increased short term rates for the third time this year. Mortgage rates increased to the highest level in 7 years and created uncertainty among home buyers and equity traders. Property values are climbing too high and buyers are spooked.

    If you are looking for a classic motorcycle with touches of modernity and technology, your best option is Moto Guzzi for sale from UK dealers. There are updated versions of the classic design if you want to make heads turn when you drive through the streets.

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  • Buying A Home In Lake Tahoe – Take A Look At The Heating System

    Once again, cold chilly nights are being felt by people and it is the most ideal time to take a look at the home’s energy expenses. In Lake Tahoe, residents are fortunate because they do not need air conditioning except for some places that see the sun more often. However, while they save on cooling costs, energy bills add up very quickly during winter time.

    There are 3 major types of heating systems used by properties – forced air gas, hydronic or in-floor radiant and electric baseboard heat. Some homes use a wooden stove or fireplace as their heat source but in the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, passive solar is the most affordable source of heat for winter. Lake Tahoe enjoys 300 days of sunshine per year and passive heat supplements the built-in heating system.

    Buyers who are looking at home in the Lake Tahoe area must take into account the heating system that the property is using. It is important to determine whether the heating system is hydronic or forced air gas. Home buyers who are allergic to dust and pollen are better off with the hydronic heating system that does not blow dust of pollen in the environment.

    The hydronic boiler has a closed system of pipes that are either in-floor radiant or installed in the baseboards of the walls. The system is relatively quiet and efficient although it takes a while longer to warm the same space compared to the forced air gas system.

    New homes and remodeled projects have opted for the two or three zones during the replacement of the original furnace. Generally, only one place is used for heating a home or condo but breakthroughs in furnace design have resulted into more efficient heating system designs that are more energy efficient and do not generate over expensive heat.

    If you are looking for a boiler engineer in the Middlesbrough and surrounding areas to service the boiler, take a look at the site here for some very cheap deals. A professional boiler engineer is prepared to serve you during an emergency boiler breakdown. For your complete peace of mind, they are Gas Safety registered and very courteous.

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