Top DIY Projects Regretted By Homeowners

Bathroom Tiles

Do-It-Yourself projects are the rage nowadays from installing kitchen tiles to painting an entire room with a colour. While the intention is good, there are many cases wherein homeowners regret that they tried to do what is supposed to be done by a skilled professional. Based on a recent study conducted by Improve Net, around 2,000 homeowners participated and shared their experience when it comes to DIY projects at home.

Of the total number of participants, 63 per cent admitted that they regret their DIY project while 33 per cent revealed that they contacted a professional to remedy their project. Below are the top DIY projects that made people regret.

  • Refinishing cabinetry should not be taken lightly. Many make the mistake of handling this project because they think painting the cabinet will be enough. What they do not realize is that they need more than just a paintbrush to complete the job successfully. For this project, a few weeks are required to be completed and the workspace must have enough ventilation.
  • Unfinished basement can be tempting for many thinking they will need to do everything from scratch therefore easier. This is wrong in many levels because finishing a basement will require more than just a single weekend. There are things to be done from laying the carpet, wiring electrical fixtures, plumbing, installing drywall and many more. It is wise to contact a professional as soon as possible.
  • Refinishing hardwood flooring is one of the top regrets as 40 per cent said that they have DIYed the project before and regretted it right after.
  • Installing hardwood flooring is a harder DIY project to tackle. Many homeowners shared that the end result of their DIY does not look as good as they have expected. This is the reason why people with zero experience should leave things like this to professionals.
  • On top of the list of regrets is installing floor tiles. Homeowners who tried to change their kitchen tiles or install new ones in a new property have felt the disappointment resulting from this project. For those who are intent on installing, floating floors are easier to handle, cheaper and can be completed in a single weekend.