• World’s Largest Burger Chain Setting The Stage For A Turnaround

    It is probably safe to assume that most people are familiar with McDonald’s, the largest hamburger chain in the world. The hamburger chain was considering a real estate investment because of its potential tax advantages but it ceased to pursue spinning off its real estate assets.

    In an investor’s meeting, Chief Administrative Officer Pete Bensen said that any possible value that will be created with real estate investment trust (REIT) is outweighed by significant financial and operational risks. Instead, McDonald’s is now planning to refranchise 4,000 restaurants instead of its previous target of 3,500 restaurants. This will put McDonald’s in a position to meet its new long term goal to be 95% franchised.

    A number of changes are being made by McDonald’s in the US to set the stage for a turnaround. Tweaks have been made to food preparation like toasting buns longer and searing burgers to make them juicier. The company is also switching back to butter and regular English muffins instead of whole grain and muffins and margarine on its Egg McMcffins.

    The company is also making efforts to simplify its menu, speed up service and improve order accuracy to increase its profits. An example is the new buttermilk chicken sandwich which is being positioned as a premium offering to boost consumer perception about food quality.

    Looking ahead, McDonald’s is expecting increased sales at established locations worldwide for the final months of the year. In the third quarter, sales at established US locations have edged higher to end the streak of 2-year quarterly declines. McDonald’s is expecting sales growth from 3% to 5% next year with capital expenditures of about $2 billion.

    In Europe, McDonald’s has announced that its packaging is now sustainably sourced. Packaging items like cartons, cups, bags, napkins and tray liners are made from 170,000 tonnes of wood fiber from recycled sources in the forests. This step represents a key milestone in McDonald’s Europe sustainable packaging strategy.

    In the United States, Paper Mart is the largest one-stop source of packaging materials for all requirements. All types of packaging products are offered at the lowest possible prices without compromising quality.

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  • Features of a Good Real Estate Website

    There are various features that are considered very important when it comes to designing websites for real estate businesses such as a design compatible with most mobile devices, a layout that is centered on the images on the site as well as property alerts sent to users of the website.

    According to Lamudi Nigeria, a portal for global property, in order for a real estate business to have proper market online, the agents and developers must ensure that their website has the following features included:

    • Responsive Design. This is a requirement in every e-commerce and online websites nowadays to ensure that the customers are able to view their website no matter the type of device or gadget used. More and more people are using their smartphones when connecting online which makes responsive design one of the requirements of an effective website. With this feature on hand, the website will be able to adapt depending on the size of the screen used – be it a laptop, mobile or tablet.
    • Image-centric. If you are wondering why many of the properties on the list are not given any interest, take a look at the visual images provided along with the property description on the website. Many customers these days who are looking to purchase a property are more likely to schedule an inspection if there are enough images provided on the website. This will give them the feeling of having toured the property virtually through the website. The images used must be with high quality as well as taken by a professional. The property’s interior and exterior parts must be photographed as well.
    • Property Alerts. If a customer searches today but without any compatible properties on the list, there must be match alerts that can be set up. This will help the customer by getting a notification once a compatible property hits the market, either through SMS or e-mail.
    • Great Content. Images are worth a thousand words but websites nowadays are more likely to get more traffic with the help of content strategy. A blog is one way to establish the business competency as well as connecting with social media platforms.

    For real estate agents and developers looking for web designers, check out www.perth-web-design.com.au.

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  • Unscrupulous Investors In the UK Under Tight Scrutiny

    Wealthy foreigners who are seeking to purchase properties in the United Kingdom will find themselves under scrutiny as David Cameron, the British Prime Minister has expressed that steps will be made against unscrupulous companies and individuals trying to get a piece of UK properties.

    Although most of the overseas companies and foreigners who are investing in UK property market particularly in the prime market in downtown London are legitimate investors, there is a looming concern about an increasing number of those using laundered and plundered cash in purchasing properties. Those who will be subjected to careful scrutiny are those who will invest in expensive new building and housing developments in prime locations in London using anonymous shell company names and businesses who are non-trading entities that exist only to serve a particular venture for the owners.

    The crackdown in UK is part of a global effort to defeat money from criminal act and corruption from getting into the real estate system. The Prime Minister underscored their effort during his recent visit to Singapore. He likewise said that he will not permit that UK will become a safe haven for various corrupt money circulating around the world.

    There are more than 100,000 properties in UK with titles that are registered to foreign or overseas companies. More than 36,000 properties in London are reportedly owned by offshore firms with properties amounting to about 122 billion pounds. The Prime Minister also said that the UK government will release data from the Land Registry later this year listing the foreign companies that are currently owning land and property in Wales and England. The government of UK has gathered intelligence reports that some high value properties are being bought by companies and people from overseas using laundered or plundered cash. The Prime Ministered highlighted cases of deception that took place under his watch recently.

    This step taken by the British government will create a renewed trust across different industries including painters and decorators Northampton.

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  • Celebrity Homes In TheMarket For Millions Of Dollars

    A Hollywood Hills West compound was recently sold by box office star Tom Cruise for a whopping $11.4 million; however, this is not the main attraction because his mansion in Beverly Hills is listed at $50 million. The Mission Impossible star has allowed real estate agents to show the 10,000 square feet residence to select clients.

    Tom Cruise bought the spacious property with a swimming pool and tennis court in 2007 for $30.5 million. This gated property in Hollywood Hills includes a 2.5 acre knoll that was created from combining two properties together that were purchased a decade ago for a total of $11.65 million. The property has been customized with stone paths, walls of glass, plank wooden floors, and an Italian-inspired kitchen. The two-story main house has 3 bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms while the detached slate-roof guesthouse features another high-end kitchen, four bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. A stone-clad structure is perfect as a wine-tasting room and a cellar. The outdoor patio is adjacent to a lagoon-style swimming pool complete with a spa and waterfall.

    Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens is looking forward to break back in the leagues possibly with the Dallas Cowboys. He has a buyer in escrow but he is still looking for backup offers for his home in Sherman Oaks. According to Multiple Listing Service, the pending sale comes after the traditional-style home was on the market in August for $2,198,500. The East Coast-inspired home was built in 2013. It includes double-hung picture windows, shingled sidings, a wide wraparound porch with a swing, two floors of living space with French white oak floors and dove-white wall siding, a step-down living room with a fireplace that opens to formal dining room and center-island kitchen. A family room, five bedrooms and 5.25 bathrooms are within the 4.88 square feet of living space. The outdoors is landscaped with a swimming pool that features a spa and waterfall.

    It is very likely that you do not have a home as lavish as those mentioned above but you can improve its looks and ambiance if you click here for high quality and unique bathroom furniture for the best possible prices.

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  • Thinking Of Renting A Condo? Here’s What You Need To Know

    If you have decided that you would like to live in a condo, then you are definitely making a good choice. First of all, condos are at the center of the metro; meaning they are surrounded by all kinds of opportunities. It isn’t hard to find a condo unit that you can rent. Almost every six blocks, you would find condos open for renting, especially in growing business districts. If you are moving into a foreign country, you should also know that condos are probably the easiest place to live in as there are only a few restrictions regarding it.

    But before you move into a condo unit, make sure that you carefully study the following points first:

    1. The Landlord. The leaseholder would probably give you a good background check but it wouldn’t hurt if you conduct your own research or investigation. Remember, you are going to live in the condo unit owned by a different person so it is important to learn all you can from the person you are renting from.
    2. The State of the Condo Unit. Before you move into the unit, you should first do a thorough inspection. Check out the physical state of the condo unit and look for important physical issues that need immediate attention and solving. If you find an issue, never ever hold this information from your landlord as it would not be beneficial to you in any way.
    3. The Location of the Condo. Where is the condo unit? Are there any particular important establishments it is near at? It is always good to get a firm understanding on the area of the condo you will be living in. Is the condo near a hospital? Or a school? Or even your workplace?
    4. The Contract. Leasing the condo means there would be a contract for you to sign. Make sure to read and go over the contract many times. Double check whether there are any hidden charges that you may not know about.
    5. The Building Rules. There are many luxury condos for rent in Hua Hin and each of them has established rules that tenants should abide when they live there.
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  • Want To Find The Right Real Estate Agent For You? Here’s How

    Buying a new home can be quite stressful. There are a lot of things that need to be considered. The planning, the decision making, the budget, sometimes buying a house can become too heavy for a single person to by himself. Fortunately, God has graced this planet with people like real estate agents. Through this highly intellectual people, you would be able to find a home that can fit your needs, wants and budget. They will be the ones who will do all the looking for you, taking into consideration all the things that you need, as well as how much you can afford. Once they find a suitable home, it will also be their job to take you there for a viewing or inspection.

    Having a real estate agent by your side can make things very much easier especially if you find the right one for you. Here are some helpful tips in finding the right real estate agent for you.

    1. Conduct a good research. Finding a good agent is similar to e-shopping, you can do it online! The Internet hosts a number of good real estate agents for you to choose from. Look for different real estate agencies and find one you can trust.
    2. Find a local. For example, if you are looking for a house in Hua Hin, it would be best if you find a local real estate agent because he or she would know about the area and where the best properties are. A local agent would always know the local scene.
    3. Take a walk. Probably the best way to find the right agent is to see him in action. You can do this by visiting an open house. Carefully study how the agent works and then decide whether he would be helpful to you or not.
    4. Comfort is a top priority. It is important that you find comfort in the agent that you choose because you would have to work with him through everything involving the purchasing of a house. The agent would of course have to advise you professionally and it would be hard to heed the advice of someone you aren’t comfortable with.

    But of course, you shouldn’t be too dependent on the agent of your choice. If you are looking for a house in Hua Hin, then it would do you good Hua Hin’s real estate industry – infographic so that you can also help your agent to make things faster.

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