Don’t Miss Another Parcel Delivery Using This Ground floor App


Most owners of apartment units are tired of getting a card from a courier company that says, “Sorry we missed you.” A Melbourne-based company on property technology wants to eliminate those annoying cards from appearing. They come up with Ground floor, a parcel delivery service that targets dormitories, offices, apartment buildings, and other large structures, that aims to provide lockers that have a digital interface connected to an app.

A courier, like, can put the parcel in a secure locker. The recipient will receive the code that will open the locker. The code will be sent in a message in real time. The recipient will be able to open the locker at any time.

Creation of the App

The team who created the app spent years in designing the app to help solve one of the main problems in parcel delivery. They spent so many years researching for the fitting solution to the problem. They conducted a lot of discussions with the parcel couriers to sort out the problem and pinpoint the flaw in the system. They gathered information regarding the things that frustrate the customers when it comes to receiving their delivered parcels.

The developers came up with four types of lockers, which include the ones that are placed outdoors. There are similar offerings all over Australia and the entire world, but Groundfloor app developers explain that their company is the only one that offers the services of their app to all the parcel delivery companies.

The team of developers of the app wanted the locker design, size, and functionality to be custom-tailored for their intended market. The locker should be aesthetically appealing to blend well with the building or lobby where it should be placed.

Groundfloor does not require the courier companies to undergo sign up procedures before they can use the lockers. The couriers can simply download the app the moment they reached their destination that has a Groundfloor locker even if it’s their first time to deliver to a particular building.

With the existence of the Groundfloor app, parcel delivery companies like will never have to send another sorry card to the recipients.