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Earthworks Commenced For Northampton Construction Training Centre

Specialist contractor Mick George has now begun earthworks at the recommended site for the construction of a ¬£4.75m training center, to be located at Northampton College. Work has begun on the behalf of Kier Construction, which is currently working on the Advanced Construction Engineering (ACE) Center, on the college’s Booth Lane Campus.

The center, to be built at the recommended site chosen by the college’s staff, will be facilitating the training of the next generation of people in the construction industry; builders, decorators and plumbers, as well as studying and pioneering new techniques aimed at ensuring that the workforce of the future is equipped with the necessary and demanded skills. Alongside training that emphasizes craft skills, there will also be courses available at Level 3 for those that are aiming for supervisory, technician, or management careers in the construction sector.

Reportedly, the aim of the ACE Centre is to provide a pipeline of ‘highly-skilled, work-ready’ staff, and it’s forecasted that the facility will have around 600-700 new learners annually by 2025/26.

Mick George Contracting Director, Michael George, says that, as the employers of more than 1,100 employees, they recognize that the construction industry and its labor model is at a key point in its existence, one that decides its long-term sustainability.

Addressing  the issues of skill shortages and ageing workforce has been recognized by leading construction companies as key issues, which is why they give credit to Northampton College for deciding to be proactive in dealing with the matter, providing solutions for the sector by delivering a high caliber of a new generation for the industry at large.

Work on the facility started during a ceremony on the site, where Northampton College Principal Pat-Brennan Barrett, alongside representatives from Kier and the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership who helped fund the project, struck the first spade into the work site.

She says that the Centre is a commitment to providing the best educational facilities and opportunities to the youth, and is an investment, not only for the future of the construction industry, but also in the next generation of workers and business leaders.

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