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HENRY The Dentist Delivering Mobile Dentistry To Workplaces

According to a report from the American Dental Association, at least half of American adults with private dental insurance don’t visit their dentists annually, suggesting that the reluctance in seeing the dentist for Affordable allentown braces isn’t just something kids have.

The New Jersey-based HENRY the Dentist business was designed to alleviate this issue, utilizing a fleet of RV-sized mobile dentistry practices to provide dental care to employees across America at their workplaces.

Regularly seeing a dentist for Affordable allentown braces is more than just a matter of dental health, but overall wellbeing as well. Not only does regular dental care and checkups help avoid more serious and expensive procedures further down the line, it can also highlight potential conditions, like diabetes, or certain cardiovascular diseases.

The startup was launched back in 2017, and, since then, has managed to get more than 70 customers into its program, including major enterprises like Vonage, ADP, and Merck. These clients determine how long the HENRY vehicles stay with them, and how many times the vehicles return in a year.

The 40-person company got boosted thanks to $10 million worth of funding led by Forerunner Ventures, which the company used to expand its offerings in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Atlanta.

HENRY CEO and Co-Founder Justin Joffe stated the company was founded in order to update the stale and outdated image that people associated with dentistry, and to create a mobile dental experience for patients. Joffe founded the company alongside his wife, Alex, after noting how the heavily fragmented dentistry industry failed to update customer experience.

Mobile dental models aren’t exactly new, but Joffe noted that HENRY is different due to the fact that every vehicle had a full medical team on hand; a dentist, a dental assistant, two dental hygienists, and an office manager to sort everything out.

The mobile providers can handle checkups, cleanings, whitenings, as well as fill up crowns, fit night guards, and even do quick impressions and orthodontics work. Patients make appointments online, then wait in the HENRY spaces with Bose headphones and their entertainment of choice, while enjoying a massage-featured exam chair.

As for the staff, HENRY workers and dentists are salaried, which Joffe claims incentivizes them to provide better care. The company also does what it can to make sure that companies get the same dental team in order to maintain consistency.

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5 Plumbing Issues That Are Typically Found In A Newly Constructed Building

Problems in new constructions are nothing new. Even reputable contractors encounter them. Most of the time, the issues that contractors usually face in the newly constructed building involve plumbing. Contractors should fully familiarize themselves with the building’s layout so they can prevent these problems from occurring.

Many companies that offer plumbing services in Newcastle are not spared from facing the same issues that other contractors also need to deal with.

The Different Issues

  1. Problems that involve air conditioner.

Most homes and commercial buildings use air conditioning units. Sloppy installations may lead to emission of toxic material, such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, and nitrogen oxides.

The inspectors discovered that the incorrect connection of the gas-fired furnace’s vent pipe is the typical cause of the problem.

  1. The occurrence of clogged pipes.

There are various reasons for the occurrence of clogged pipes. Some of the reasons are:

– Tree roots wringing their way to the cracks or joints of sewer systems.

– Years of neglect and improper maintenance.

– Use of substandard materials.

– Incorrect or improper pipe installation.

  1. Issues with blocked drains.

The clogged pipes may cause a chain reaction. Blocked drains usually occur due to toxic substance build up, random small objects, grease, and debris that prevent the water from flowing freely. If the issue is not resolved and escalated into a bigger problem, it may cause a health hazard.

  1. Failure of the sump pump to filter water.

A hole called sump pump is created in the building’s lowest part. It is responsible for filtering out water via the pipes’ intricate system. The water should not reach the building’s foundation. The water is pushed to a location where it can drain properly. That’s why the sump pump must function properly all the time.

  1. Presence of leaky faucets.

Leaky faucets are rampant in high-rise buildings. The problem may seem insignificant at first glance, but wait until the water bill arrives. The extra payment for wasted water will eventually pile up. The extra payment should’ve gone to the bank as savings.

Any contractor should keep these problems in mind, and they should coordinate with one of the plumbing services in Newcastle to avoid big troubles later.

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