What Is Workflow And How To Develop It


An effective workflow diagram is important in any business or functional organization. In order for it to work, it has to be presented in a concise and visually engaging manner. If you are wondering what is a workflow, it is simply a diagram that allows team members to visualize the chain of command and how services would be carried out and services to be delivered to prospects. To develop a functional workflow, take a look at these tips.

Create a working draft

Before you create a workflow, list down all the elements that you want to be included. This way, you will have an idea on the number of boxes, icons or symbols that you are going to create. You may want to create a draft to visualize your workflow’s appearance. To make things faster and more efficient, create the draft directly on your computer so you can immediately see the results and edit what needs to be changed.

Use consistent graphics 

For an effective workflow, use consistent elements or symbols. The icons, shapes and figures help to deliver messages. Use the same icons to show related actions or ideas then change elements to show a shift in function or separate yet interrelated idea.

Keep it professional in appearance                                                                                     

If you are presenting a business concept or how project management should be implemented, use toned down colours to make the entire workflow professional in appearance. Use the right fonts and pick the appropriate font size. It should not be too big or too small for the workflow.

Limit slides for the workflow    

If you are still wondering what is a workflow, it is one of those tools used to present ideas. Create a hyperlink or scale down the elements to fit everything in the page. You can find samples of workflow on the internet.