What Does The Future Hold For Event Industry?


There are many companies that are offering conference management services but with the advancement in technology these services can often be found online through applications and software. This is the very goal of Cvent when it was established in order to become the leader in the marketplace when it comes to event and conference management solutions. The company has already developed an online platform that will make it more efficient to setup meetings.

It may sound like a big achievement but the company is still facing a lot of pressure coming from companies in the industry that wanted them to create the next generation tools that will improve the current event experiences. In a recent event organized by Cvent, they have introduced products that will make it possible for event organizers to be more prepared in the future.

There is the belief that there will come a time when parts of traditional events and conferences are going to be replaced with modern ones because of the introduction of digital tools. This is expected to create a big impact on the sector.

Reggie Aggarwal, the CEO of Cvent, said that even if there are new technologies coming out, nothing is going to beat the ability to have discussions while facing one another. In the coming years, virtual meeting is not seen as a threat because of the unequalled value of having face-to-face meetings.

He believes that his team’s continued innovation is because of the large ecosystem they have to deal with. Their platform currently caters to more than 225,000 users. The number of feedbacks increased therefore they had to hire addition workers for the client service division and it ballooned to an additional 60 per cent in just two years. The client base of the company is also very diverse because they are catering to businesses whether it is small, medium or a top corporation.

According to Aggarwal, there are many technologies to look forward to in conference management services and one of them is the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution. With the rate that technological innovation is going, it could only be a few years to a decade before something as big disrupts the event management industry.