Welcoming Digital Age With Soft Skills


Majority of us have spend many years going to school such as international school in Bangkok and then we proceed to university before we can move on to further our education. All of this is because of one single goal – to have deeper knowledge of the field we are in. Our pursuit for formal education has led us to learn various subjects and courses that were intended to hone our skills.

Even at a young age, we are already learning to adapt skills, either hard or soft. Hard skills are the ones that can be learned and measured to see how much we have absorbed. Soft skills, however, is a different matter as it cannot be measured and it depends on the person’s personality.

Our education though focuses more on adapting hard skills because this is what employers are looking for when they post ads for job vacancies. These hard skills can only be learned when we go through formal education. This is not to say that one will be guaranteed to have success with hard skills alone.

In fact, many schools and universities are already realizing that in order for their graduates to be well-rounded individuals, they must learn soft skills aside from the hard skills already instilled on them. This is why subjects and courses that tackle soft skills have been offered such as innovation, leadership, negotiation and presentation among many others.

There is no denying that hard skills are on the verge of being replaced because of the technological advancements we now have from artificial intelligence to machine learning. These are the innovations that could replace human hard skills later on. There is no need to hire someone to do data analysis or data entry because it is now possible with automation.

The thing is that, while these machines are already advanced, they cannot replace humans when it comes to soft skills. These machines are not capable of showing emotions nor is it able to respond to it accordingly. This is why international school in Bangkok and various educational institutions are placing importance on soft skills to highlight that these skills can never be replaced by even the most intelligent robot.