Wall Art That Lives Now Being Offered By Famous Retailers In Maui


Studies recently conducted on people living in close proximity to green vegetation shows that people who can spend at least four hours a day with plants in the room will be able to be more productive and stress free. These are scientific studies done on the amount of oxygen required by human beings to sustain happy and stress-free lives. The most apparent ways to increase the presence around plants is to place these plants in close proximity like in rooms or in nearby open courtyards. But now a Maui based company, Green Wall designs is taking this to the next level by advocating and selling “works of living art” that can be “hung up” on walls.

This company was founded by three entrepreneurs from Maui itself and are the certified exclusive distributors for the Mobilane green wall systems. These systems have been patented in the Hawaii area. What’s special about these Mobilane systems is that the plants are grown in the wall itself, and give the appearance of wall art.

These Mobilane systems actually originate in the Netherlands and have been perfected for nearly 20 years before making their way to the Hawaii islands. It is a patented system that allows people to create vertical gardens similar the vertical jungle that is going to take centre stage soon in one of China’s crowded cities. These vertical gardens can be placed within the walls of a house or business as wall art and are generally built in such a way that they are easy to install and maintain. The key features of these systems is that they have irrigation systems that allow them to water the plants for about four weeks before having the reservoirs changed or refilled with water.

The systems that are placed indoors have another benefit, and that is they do not need to be hooked up to a wall socket to facilitate the irrigation process. They are completely self-sustaining. In this new age where climate awareness is becoming real and more people are accepting the fact that humans are ruining their world, this is a brilliant way to show that one cares about the environment and is willing to take steps to protect it.