Vestigo Changing The Image Of Team Building


One of the most common events for businesses and companies in Australia is the team building in Sydney which many thinks is worth skipping. This is the reason why a startup in Atlanta wants to make a difference and change the image of team building. They wanted to offer team building activities that focus on outdoor adventures and which they said are going to impact the lives of the participants.

Vestigo creates team building activities that are more physically challenging. Their clients vary from local startups to big shots in the industry like Home Depot. These physically challenging activities are expected to highlight the core values of the particular company they are working with. According to Marshall Mosher, the CEO and one of the founders, Vestigo experiences are the new way of things which gives a new twist to events filled with games or happy hour alone, things that are done regardless just so they can get time outside of the office environment.

He added that the main goal of Vestigo is to create a powerful company culture and to make workers engage with one another by experiencing the same things. Their first priority is to come up with activities that will ensure that the people involved will come out of their protective shell and face their most vulnerable nature which is the most effective way to bond with one another. One way to make these things possible is to organize outdoor activities such as caving, climbing, rappelling, visiting waterfalls, paddling, hiking, and yoga, boating and camping.

Some of the activities can be physically demanding but Vestigo’s main goal is to meet the ability of each of the members by organizing several challenges with different level of difficulty. Regardless of the physical limitation of a team member, Vestigo makes sure that everyone will be able to participate.

Mosher further added that companies that are organizing team building in Sydney should also follow the same principle in order to tackle not just the physical aspects of the individuals but also their mental capacities as well which in turn will make them better employees as the team building event comes to an end.