Urns For Ashes In Perth Can Now Be Buried In Enfield Memorial Park In Adelaide


Buddhist monks will chant and plant trees at the ceremonious opening of Adelaide’s cremation and burial garden this Sunday.

Robert Pitt, head of the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority informed about the new memorial site drawn out of mistake created during a cremation service nearly two years ago.

“The monks, concerned family and the Buddhist community desired to witness the cremation taking place. They like to see and examine the bony remains after the cremation and that they like to select pieces of the bone and bring the urns for ashes in Perth to their respective homes,” he said.

Such memorial service is something worth witnessing and the funeral ritual is such a momentous event for the Buddhist community.

“There was an incident where we made a mistake of grinding the skeletal remains, which we realized we had stopped halfway, however we are truly sorry for the family.”

Mr. Pitt claims that the family involved later recommended the cemetery to talk to a Buddhist monk about memorial rites.

“We have to say that it is somewhat enlightening for us. In such discussions, they showed that they will really love to have a Buddhist cemetery in this area and inform them that we love to help them,” according to Mr. Pitt. In a span of over two years, the Buddhist community has no a burial garden intended for their deceased family members. It’s where urns for ashes in Perth can be buried.

Mr. Pitt claims it will include burial sites and cremation plots, including a wall with the Buddha statue overseeing the area.

According to Buddhist doctrines, they strongly prefer having their head facing the hills and their feet towards the sea, as what Buddha is searching, said Mr. Pitt.

He insisted that people of various races and nationalities may want to use the cremation facility and gardens located in the Enfield Memorial Park in the coming years to come.

“This is going to be an ideal and important place for their loved ones, especially spiritually as here you can perform funeral rites and various traditions,” he said. It’s where you find urns for ashes in Perth to cherish and remember.