Unlucky 4 And 13 In The Real Estate Industry


Digital signage is a very powerful marketing tool for real estate agents. It can increase visibility and can conveniently communicate a message to the target audience. Aside from technical installation, vending machine installation and gym installation services, a specialist logistics provider also offers digital signage installation on a wide range of sites, outdoor spaces, public spaces and indoor public locations.

Real estate agents in certain communities understand the difficulties of selling condo units located at the 4th floor. According to Tina Mak, a real estate agent in Vancouver, at first she did not believe the unlucky 4 but it is happening.

In some Asian cultures, the number 4 is considered unlucky because it resembles the word for death in Cantonese and Mandarin. Mak says that her clients believe the cultural preference that plays a big part in making purchasing decisions. This issue is specifically addressed as tetraphobia or the fear of number four. Those who fear the number 13 are actually suffering from triskaidekaphobia.

A few years ago, Vancouver city officials began to notice an increase in special applications from commercial and residential developers. Permission is being sought for to skip floors that contained the numbers 4 and 13. This means that there are buildings without a 4th floor, 13th floor, 24th floor and so on.

According to Pat Ryan, chief building official of Vancouver, initially, it was only one or two buildings; however, it spread rapidly that it has started to spiral out of control. New applications kept coming in and Vancouver has to announce that the practice is being banned in new condos and office tower developments.

The biggest concern on the unpredictable numbering system is the risks that fire-fighters may face when climbing the stairs in a smoke-filled environment. It can create confusion because the fire-fighters put pressure on the hose that matches the building’s floors.

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