Tips To Choose A Right Outpatient Rehab


Choosing the correct rehab program is very essential to successfully fight addiction issues. The rehab centers offer inpatient and outpatient programs for patients suffering from addiction. The intensive inpatient programs require admission to the facility, while the outpatient programs can be attended from home.

The treatment plan of California Outpatient Rehab, generally involves three types of therapies. Patients should visit the rehab at regular intervals according to a predetermined schedule to undergo these therapies.

  1. Behavioral therapy – The therapy enables the patients to determine the major triggers that lead to substance abuse. The counsellors guide them to develop safe behaviors to overcome the triggers and prevent a relapse.
  2. Family therapy – Family plays an important role in life. The love and support of family members help the patients with addiction to recover faster. Addiction also disturbs the family and the family therapy helps families to improve their functioning and develop close bonds with each other.
  3. Group therapy – Group therapy helps the patients to form support groups. Being in the peer group of the same age or gender helps the patients to discuss the issues faced by them and come up with solutions. The patients will be encouraged to prevent a relapse by working closely with peer groups.

Before choosing a California Outpatient Rehab for treating addiction problem for you or your loved ones, consider the following pointers.

  • The program should offer evidence based treatment options. The treatments at the rehab should have been proven effective in fighting addiction issues.
  • The rehab center should have a treatment plan to suit the individual needs of the patients.
  • The rehab facility should offer continuous support. The best rehabilitation programs offer comprehensive services like childcare, medical services and treatment for mental health conditions. They offer vocational courses to the patients, who need them.
  • The duration of the program should be long enough to treat the patient. Popular rehab centers offers a ninety-day program that helps the patients to build a stronger base to fight relapse.
  • The California Outpatient Rehab should encourage the patients to form support groups, during and after the treatment program. Support groups help the patients to find continuous moral support and maintain a sober lifestyle.