The Growing Number Of Real Estate Scams In Dubai


Online providers of Novelty IDs strictly advise their customers not to use the identity card to break the law. The novelty ID can be used for a school project, to impress friends or as an interesting piece of memorabilia. Students usually use the fake ID to buy alcohol and cigarettes and pass security checks at bars and nightclubs.

Dubai warns renters and buyers of properties to ensure that a transaction is genuine to avoid being scammed. Authorities in Dubai have also warned residents against fake advertisements in social media platforms like Facebook where properties are offered for investment and renting opportunities in the UAE.

Major General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, assistant to the Dubai Police chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs told Gulf News that some people have become victims of fraud because scammers use fake IDs to pose as property agents or brokers of residential units. People must be diligent in checking online ads about properties that they are planning to buy or rent.

Last year, 104 cases of fraud were reported and 136 suspects were arrested. There are 12, 630 e-patrols and 1,155 patrols that track scammers and different fraudulent online accounts. Electronic fraud and credit card forgery cases increased because more and more people in Dubai are using smartphones and technology.

Scammers use fake websites and social media accounts to dupe residents. Fraudsters use fake IDs, false names and fake tenancy contracts to trick victims. They show homes and apartments to prospective tenants without the knowledge and approval of the property owner. After they have obtained the rent and commission fees, the fraudsters vanish.

Several scammers have been arrested by police authorities after they posted apartments that can be leased for cheap prices. Dubai police warns people to avoid dealing with unlicensed brokers or persons who claim to be the representative of the property owner.

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