The Benefits Of Using Interactive Maps For Real Estate Agents

Illustrated Map

Did you know that the North America Skyline Illustration is an interactive map? Over the last few years, mapping technology has come a long way to provide people with a different experience when they buy a property. For real estate agents, the interactive map can be used as a creative storytelling tool that will connect with people from all over the world.

The real estate industry heavily relies on in-person interaction between the buyer of a property and the property itself to be able to close a sale. This process is really slow because the participants have to align their schedules or travel great distances to view a property. Property buyers have to see the property before they make a purchasing decision. However, with the development of interactive maps, the process of buying and selling properties has drastically changed.

Interactive maps have gained popularity ever since Google Maps was introduced to the public. Compared to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) that can manipulate the view of a property by rearranging furniture or allowing a virtual walk through the property, interactive maps are more user-friendly.

Interactive maps can enhance the buying experience because they will get a sense of where the property is located relative to each other, how the roads and terrain look, and whether the location satisfactorily meets the requirements. Out of town buyers who have historically been at a disadvantage in the sales process are now on even footing with local buyers.

Out of town buyers need no longer travel far to view the property and understand the lay of the land in the area of interest. More meaningful relationships are created between the real estate agent and potential property buyer by adding high value content to the interactive map. Information can be accessed by a buyer by simply placing the mouse over a hotspot.

Map illustration is unlike regular maps that are used as navigation tools. For example, the North America Skyline Illustration has buildings that have been designed with artistry and creativity. Because the map illustration is also an interactive map, a hot spot will show a photo and text when you hover the mouse over it.