The Benefits Of Investing In Kentucky Real Estate

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Kenton Ash is a mansion that was built in 1801. It is conveniently located near Kentucky’s most important commercial highway and Ohio River Port, a location that is very valuable. However, Kenton Ash including 10 surrounding acres is being sold only to those willing to preserve the Pennsylvania-style Georgian architecture. The asking price for Kenton Ash is $299,000 which is only a fraction of its cost if it was closer to Lexington, Louisville or Cincinnati.

The architecture of Kenton Ash is unique in the region even if it resembles colonial English. Two of the mansion’s features are particularly unusual for early Kentucky like the large 12-over-12 pane windows, the solid wall down the middle of the mansion and its two front doors. Anyone who purchases Kenton Ash gets a 200-year old family cemetery, two stone outbuildings a barn that was built in 1860.

This is not uncommon in Kentucky that has a rich architectural heritage. There are lots of amazing spaces in out-of-the-way places. One example is Kenton Ash that has idyllic views from all directions of its 500-acre farmland. Kentucky Trust for Historical Preservation in partnership with local preservationists is helping out to save some of the spaces so that they can be restored instead of being lost.

Rural communities do not have enough resources and the Trust is working towards growing their fund so that they can restore more properties. The Trust depends solely on private donations so that the problem is always money. When the Trust helps arrange for the sale of a building, it adds certain covenants or easements that would prevent it from being demolished. Major interior changes require permission as well as the removal of significant architectural elements like mantels and staircases. Old homes can be modernized to make them livable but they should not compromise the historical significance of the building.

You can get a house in Kentucky for a fraction of what it would normally cost in New York City. There are many local businesses like bringer appliance repair that does a great job fixing refrigerators and washing machines including vintage appliances that have seen better days.