Target Is Allotting $20 Million For Transgender Bathroom


According to a new report, the Target Corp. is going to allot $20 million for the construction of single-stall bathrooms following threats of patrons to boycott the business after it has decided earlier this year to give access to transgender people to choose whatever bathroom they desire.

Cathy Smith, the Chief Financial Officer of Target, said that there are guests who like their new bathroom policy and there are those who don’t. This statement was released during the earnings call conducted with their business investors. After seeing the evident, Smith said that there is still no visible impact with regards to the new law.

A recent petition has been made by the American Family Association with regards to the decision of the retail chain with regards to transgender bathroom use. The association lives by their mission – “to inform, equip, and activate individuals to strengthen the moral foundations of American culture. According to them, the new policy of Target is the best way for sexual predators to get closer to their victims.

The American Family Association also said that there is another reasonable solution to this ongoing issue which is a common sense approach and it is to build a unisex bathroom that can be used by a single individual at a time. The association also added that the new store policy of Target will be endangering women and children if mean are allowed to have access to the facilities used by the women.

Last quarter, the sales of Target has fallen from the previous $5.20 per share to only $4.80. The yearly profit forecast of the company has been cut and some items have not been included. Earlier this year, it was predicted that the sales will increase by as much as $5.40 which is not what happened. The company also shared that within the same time period, the same-store sales of Target has fallen by 1.1 per cent.

The company experienced a previous decline with regards to same-store sales during the first quarter of 2014 but it was because the company was still getting back on its feet after their system data has been hacked.

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