Scooters From The Future Introduced This Year


There is no denying that the future of vehicles, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled, will be electric. Many brands are already jumping into the trend from electric Vespa for sale to startup companies are trying to make a name in the future market. These are the bikes we have been dreaming of and the very ones we see on movies many years ago. Now these bikes have come to a reality and it is starting to feel like the future has already come to 2019.

First on the list is the BMW C Evolution which is a maxi-scooter powered by electricity. It resembles a regular maxi scooter from BMW but the main difference is that it comes with a large battery pack in green color to make it more eye catching. The motor has a capacity of 48PS and the torque is 72 Nm. This power is enough to accelerate up to 50 kph in just 2.8 seconds. The maximum speed of the motorcycle is 130 kph. It also comes with rider aids such as torque assist to control the traction, reverse assist and four rider modes.

The second electric scooter from the future is the Etergo Appsscooter which reminds many of the Nokia phones packaged in bright colors. The main feature boasted during the launch of the scooter is that it gives the rider the capacity to control the scooter using only their mobile applications such as control navigation, live calls and stream music among many others. This is all accessible through dedicated buttons found at the handlebars.

Last but not the least is the Vespa Elettrica which is a model developed by the iconic brand, Vespa. For the untrained eyes, they might not be able to differentiate the electric ones from the petrol-powered models. This is because the only difference is that the body of the electric scooter has an anodized accent as well as on the rims. Furthermore, it has no exhaust muffler in sight. Dealers who are showcasing the electric Vespa for sale boasts of its 4.3 inches colored TFT screen which can be connected via Bluetooth. It can also be paired with the Vespa app for easier control.