Proposal For Construction Of New Stadium In Everton


In a recent announcement, Everton revealed that there is already a proposal for a new stadium that will have a seating capacity of 52,000. There is also plan for the stadium to be expanded in the future until 62,000 seats. There are already a number of football stadiums all over England but it does not stop Everton from its plan of establishing its own.

There are no publicly released designs yet regarding the ground for the new stadium because there has been some delay with the planning application until the end of 2019. They have, however, conducted a public consultation regarding their plans to move to Bramley Moore in order to renovate the Goodison Park. After the first consultation, the football club has confirmed that they are planning to build the arena to accommodate 52,000 spectators and it will be constructed beside the River Mersey.

The number of seats was based on the current demand for tickets as well as projection of future demands. As of writing, Everton has a total of 32,000 fans that are season-ticket holders and around 10,000 more are queuing on the list. Aside from ticket demands, other factors were also considered such as the stadium’s orientation, costs and the projected revenues.

There will be two stands included in the design which are going to be reserved for future expansions which will allow additional rail seats and even safe standing in case there are any changes in the legislation.

Colin Chong is the development director of the stadium for Everton. According to him, the number is only their proposed capacity and the final seat number is yet to be determined based on future consultations and meetings. They are taking the sustainable way not just commercially but also financially.

According to Sasha Ryazantsev, the chief financial officer of the football club, they already have an idea as to how much they will need for the project and they are already ahead of their timeline overall. The club is pretty excited with the project because it will add to the number of football stadiums in the country which will further the sport of football.