Property Buyers See An Opportunity In Sydney’s Property Downturn


It is no secret that successful real estate agents use different tricks to be ahead of the competition. It is typical for a real estate agent to hire wedding caterers in Sydney to provide delicious food and beverage for open houses to attract the attention of potential buyers. Wedding caterers do not only provide food for weddings; they also specialize in other events.

Meanwhile, property buyers feel that there is an opportunity in Sydney’s property downturn. New figures reveal that suburbs in Harbour City are in demand. According to data from, the Adelaide market is strong but it is being affected by the negative national narrative and by the cashing in on interstate investors who are chasing value.

According to the real estate website listing, the most in demand suburbs in Australia based on views are located in the South Australian capital. Adelaide has started to enter the list last year and the trendis expected to continue. The demand is partly driven by property investors who are coming out of Melbourne and Sydney. There is a lot of search activity that are coming from these locations.

The demand is Adelaide is higher than what has been seen previously because the economy is doing well. Premium suburbs in Sydney are also attracting a lot of attention because pricing has returned and people feel that they are becoming more accessible. The only suburb in the Top Ten that is outside Southern Australia and New South Wales is Middle Park in Melbourne which is currently the most in demand in Australia.

According to NeridaConisbee, chief economist of, properties in major cities used to be inaccessible to all types of buyers but the weakening in the market has presented opportunities. Ms Conisbee has also rebuked claims that Australia is right in the middle of the worst downturn in the last few decades.

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