Northern Virginia – Home To More Than 100 Data Centres


It is not only healthcare organizations that benefit from the IT solutions offered by Rend Tech Associates but the real estate industry. Cloud computing has been revolutionizing different industries and real estate is no exception. When customer data is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere to make the life of a real estate agent a lot easier.

According to local media, a chunk of prime real estate in Data Centre Alley in Northern Virginia was purchased by Digital Realty. According to Washington Business Journal, the date centre developer purchased the 13-acre property on Filigree Court in Ashburn for $28 million.

The property is near the cluster of data centres operated by Equinix that specializes in making physical connections that will tie up the internet together. While Data Centre Alley is the focal point in the deployment of cloud computing capacity, Equinix in Ashburn is the primary network intersection of the region.

The purchase is only one of the series of moves that Digital Realty has made for future growth in Northern Virginia, the largest and most important data centre market in the world. Northern Virginia is home to more than 100 data centres. It was estimated in 2018 that 270 megawatts of capacity was leased by developers of data centres from the Northern Virginia market.

Data centre developers are scrambling to acquire property in Northern Virginia for future development because of the increasing demand for cloud computing from companies and the enterprise sector. Northern Virginia is experiencing an unprecedented activity in leasing and new constructions. New players are entering the market and established companies are planning for expansion.

In Northern Virginia, Digital Realty has more than 370 megawatts of capacity that are spread on 3 existing campuses in Ashburn: Digital Ashburn, Ashburn Corporate Centre and Digital Loudoun. Digital Realty is the largest data centre operator in the world.

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Through the assistance of Rend Tech Associates, clinic and hospitals were able to cut down costs and improve patient experience. The use of cloud technology allows healthcare providers to efficiently process, deliver and analyze data into meaningful information.