Niagara Falls Looking To Provide Affordable Housing


Niagara Falls is currently having problem with regards to the lack of affordable housing and the city council is pressured to find a long-term answer to this. Moreover, residents are worried that there are more tourists coming for Niagara Falls boat ride which they fear could increase the prices of houses in the area.

During a council meeting at the beginning of December which also happens to be the first the council held for this term, they have already discussed the action they are going to take regarding the issue. The initiative will be spearheaded by Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce’s policy and government relations director, Hugo Chesshire and Bethlehem Housing’s executive director, Lori Beech.

One of the proposals that the council might have to consider in the future is to approve the development of tiny homes which are basically shipping containers that have been remodeled to become small houses. This will then be available for rent at very affordable rates.

Financial support will be provided to Chesshire and Beech from a number of agencies as well as private individuals who pledged in writing.

In return, they are asking for specific conditions such as:

  • They want the council to promise a long-term commitment to solve the current problem of low affordable housing number.
  • They want the municipality to make this project a priority in terms of promotion.
  • They want to devise an action plan that is in line with the policies of the government both provincial and federal.
  • They want to review and change bylaws they deem will help support their project of affordable housing.

These are only additional conditions not including the ones they have already taken up with the public, the city hall and the province of Niagara Falls. The city, on the other hand, is reviewing the problem with boarding houses and they are also considering the proposal to convert rooms inside motels to long-term accommodations at a very low cost.

With the number of people coming to experience the Niagara Falls boat ride, it is not right to know that many of the residents are struggling with homelessness or lack of option for affordable housing.