Interiors Of Tesla Cars Might Shift To Vegan Leather


There are many manufacturers of leather in the country. This is the same leather used by CalTrend in creating their popular custom seat covers for vehicles. Only recently, Tesla which is the talk of the town every time it comes out with some announcement said that they are going to add one more reason why people should patronize their electric cars.

The company just concluded their shareholder meeting which is held every year and Elon Musk, the CEO of the company, said that their team is already busy developing interiors that are vegan. He added that the next model which is to be called Model Y will have leather interiors and there is a possibility that it might no longer need a steering wheel.

The talks about the interior fabrics used by Tesla were initiated by Dr. Katherine van Ekert who is working for PETA. She reportedly asked Elon Musk about Tesla and its utilization of the leather material during the production of the vehicles. During their talk, she might have hinted that PETA is happy that the company offers cars with seats using materials that are non-leather. The nonprofit organization added that it would be best if Tesla can release a vegan model of the vehicle which means even the steering wheel has no leather material as a cover.

According to Musk, their models including S, X and 3 are still using leather especially in their steering wheel. He made a promised to the audience that the company is already seeking an alternative that is not only suitable but one that shies away from animal cruelty.

Furthermore, he explained that there might be delays in introducing the new material because they wanted to make sure that the alternative will be as good, if not better, compared to the current material utilized in their cars’ interiors. There was a mention regarding customers who wanted to order cars that are fully vegansimilar to the one Leilani Munter ordered because the car driver is a confessed vegan who wanted to support the custom-made car. Drivers who wish to continue using leather can contact reputable companies like CalTrend that offers custom made leather seat coves for vehicles.