How To Make Café Fitouts In Canberra Attract Your Customers


We tried to search around Canberra to find many wonderful interior inspirations from some of the coolest café fitouts. These establishments have invested in services that provide café fitouts in Canberra and proved to be successful in their own fields. The feature walls to lighting designs can embellish your commercial spaces. Here are top ideas to furnish for your cool Canberra cafes.

A Luxe Entrance

To make a good impression on your new café, you can add luxe black marble brick floor tiles on your front side. It can show bit of elegance to your new store.


Progressively, street art or murals are not only intended for lane ways but they’re making their way to residential and commercial settings too. If you really like these café fitouts in Canberra, why not add it to your physical store. You can even have a customised design to fit your individual and home design.

White Tiles and Darker Grout

A trend that interior decorators love to implement to their clients’ café, is white tiles with darker grout. The design can add and enhance a tasteful touch of industrial elegance. The style can also be fabulous with white hexagon tiles. These are café fitouts in Canberra that should entice more customers to come.

Wall Hung Flower Boxes

Do you need a small space for your backyard? It calls for no problem as designers can show how to magnify the outdoor space with flower boxes. You can plant ferns, succulents, herbs and other smaller plants, add life and interest to the outdoor space, regardless of size. You’ll certainly have a unique and distinctive style for your café fitouts.

Group Pot Plants

Improve the outdoors by adding a cluster of pot plants to create a nice style on your café. You can drape the pots with dripping greenery and combine that pots that look fabulous too. You’ll be enticing more customers to visit and enjoy what you serve in your café.

Feature Walls

Look for interesting wall features that can inspire your potential customers to come to your café fitouts in Canberra. You’ll also find that there are many concepts to suit various cafes. Having timber panels and concrete rendered walls are now backing all the glories. You can check out a local café in Canberra where you’ll find various colours designed on bright turquoise walls.