How To Get Insurance Leads And Create Positive Impression With Prospects


Being in the insurance industry means you would have to continually deliver and close deals in order for you to stay in the industry. You also need to consistently achieve your targets but you cannot do this if you do not know how to get insurance leads. The challenge starts from finding leads, talking with them and finally, it ends when you have finally closed a deal. You cannot get to the last part if you won’t establish trust with your prospects. Here are some ideas.

Know your targets

Before going to a scheduled appointment, gather as much information about your prospective client. Find out if the person is still single or married, the number of kids if any, the person’s paying capacities and other important details. This will help you design the right policy that suits the target’s needs.

Be punctual

After you have found out how to get insurance leads, the next step is to set up a meeting with your prospect. Make it a point to arrive on time to create a positive impression on your prospect. This only shows that you respect other people’s time and you have great business ethics.

Listen to your prospects

One of the biggest blunders that you could commit when meeting with your prospects is to dominate the conversation. It should be your prospects sharing their thought and financial apprehensions and issues with you. It is you guiding them towards finding solutions and not you dominating the conversation with all your presentations and insurance features. You just have to be ready to answer possible questions and it would be best to come prepared for you to sound confident and sure.

Talk in a causal manner

While it is good to sound confident, it would be best to avoid sounding condescending, especially too salesy as this would set your targets off. The work doesn’t stop after you have learned how to get insurance leads. You have to sustain your hold on your prospects until they finally sign up to a policy and you cannot do this if you have already made a negative impression on them.