How The Courier Industry Is Changing


Uber came into the scene over a decade ago and it had the biggest impact to the taxi industry. It has faced many issues and scandals over the years but the brand’s market cap is now estimated to surpass Ford Motor Company. Many believe that Uber started the gig economy and it also gave car owners the chance to earn while using their own vehicle. The courier delivery industry is expected to be shocked with the same intensity that Uber brought to the taxi scene. This is with the introduction of blockchain. It may change the basis for courier quote or overhaul the processes as a result.

Just like blockchain, the new parcel delivery system will follow a decentralized system. This means that individuals will be able to earn money by delivering parcels to their recipients. The rule is very similar to that of Uber where drivers can pick up passengers through the app, drive and drop to their location and repeat the same process.

With the growing number of population turning to online shopping, the number of parcels that are delivered has also increased rapidly. The shipments are done from business to consumers. With the positive, comes the negative and these are challenges faced by the parcel delivery industry. Shipping from business to business is more efficient because of the presence of a centralized hub but the same cannot be said when it comes to business to consumer since the recipients are located far and wide.

Management are usually done properly except for the last leg where not every parcel can be tracked effectively. Therefore this part of the delivery process is what takes up the most time as well as resources. One of the main reasons is market fragmentation. There are many players in the market from the top companies to the small ones. In order to meet the demand of the consumers, these shipping companies should come together regardless of their size. While they may have a fierce competition in courier quote, it ensures that the needs of the general public are met with regards to quality parcel delivery services.