How Similan Island Liveaboard Can Make You Find Accommodations In Similan


A Similan Island Liveaboard can take you to various islands near Similan Islands. Although hiring the liveaboard can be expensive, especially that it will cost you few thousand baht, but it’s the only way you are guided on what to explore the islands. You can dive underneath the seawater or go snorkelling on the water surface and view the marine life and corals underneath.

However, from the Similan Island liveaboard, you can possibly sleep in the one of the islands. If you like to see what’s in store for this breath-taking island in the Andaman Sea, you can spend few nights here and enjoy two types of accommodation. You need to book in advance especially for bungalows, as it often fully booked. So here are accommodations to try in Similan Islands:

  • The Tents

Similan Islands National Park will offer tourists tents to rent which is about two square-metre big and come with a thin mattress and pillows. For a day, it will cost 570 baht. Private tents are prohibited.

  • Similan Bungalows

The Similan Islands have developed some properties here; where they can offer 20 bungalows for rent on island number 4. The rate per night is 2000 baht with air-conditioning. You may think that electricity is running here but the appliances are operatedusing generators. If you choose fan bungalows, you’ll only pay half the price per night.

The island has also a small restaurant and some provisions for shower and toilet.

The bungalows too are so basic, being owned and operated by the government. You can’t expect so much luxury as you see them as they are.  They don’t even have provisions for a bed. So, many tourists, who have travelled the islands through Similan Island liveaboard, choose to stay there for better accommodations.

Staying in a Similan Island bungalow is an adventure if you want to enjoy a Thailand vacation. If you like to stay in their bungalows, you need to visit the government website and possibly make reservations for such accommodation. You also need to pay in advance to ensure reservation. However, it may be difficult to reach the national park office, so you need a lot of patience to get there.