How Real Estate Brokers Reach Their Target Audience Through Social Media

Business Tech

One of the ways for a real estate broker to gain clients is work hard at being an expert in the industry. If you speak at a conference, do it with conviction and make sure that people will see you as an authority on the subject. The most valuable part of a presentation is talking to people who have listened; many of them can be valuable leads or they can turn out to become clients.

However, a real estate broker cannot make presentations every day. An option is social media marketing that reaches a wide audience. You can interact with the target audience through social media where you can provide insightful answers to their questions and comments. Social media is very powerful tool and it connects you to friends, family and clients. At least 65% of Americans adults today use social media networking at a daily rate of 2.7 hours. If you notice, you do not get prospects through emails and phone calls because people are busy with social media. If you commit your resources to social media ahead of your competitors you will enjoy “first mover advantage”, gain a market share and build your brand’s equity.

Before you start using social media, make sure to identify your audience. Marketing to a specific audience is important. Search online where the target audience is spending their time. LinkedIn is a good place to start a search for active participants. Read through the discussion topics and checkout the experts and the influencers. You can also go outside of LinkedIn to other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Monitor those who publish relevant content and share their opinion. Find the medium that intrigues you most and publish blog posts, videos, webinars and live streams.

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