How Packaging Solves Problems

Business Tips

If you hear the following: obesity, multi-channel shopping and delivery, aging population in Europe and unpredictable harvests as well as scarcity of food, what comes into your mind? The answer to these problems is to create a better packaging.

The challenges

There are various challenges that are faced by the world today. You need to consider how packaging can help overcome these.

  • The first challenge is in increasing global trade. The solution to this is to tailor package the item in order to suit traditional distribution of materials to retail outlets, click and collect and home delivery where it is necessary to be capable of repacking the returns.
  • The next challenge is in the waste of food in homes and food establishments. The right packaging will prevent the wastage of products by protecting the products on their journey from the production facility to the end-users. It will also enable food to be kept fresh for longer periods of time in homes with dispensing systems and re-sealable packs.
  • There are over 50 percent of the population in the entire world which lives in urban areas which leads to scarcity of water, food, energy and raw material supply. If the right packaging is used, you can prevent waste of products as well as resources like energy and water. The raw materials can instead be invested in growing as well as producing them. There is some packaging that enables the food to be stored for longer periods of time in perfect condition so it can be used when scarce.
  • Another challenge is that fewer people are living together. There is now a need for smaller portion sizes in order to avoid wastage of food. Packaging will deliver a wider range of portions with appropriate sizes.
  • More on the go eating. This poses another challenge in this generation. In order to address this challenge, packaging has to be single-serve and should be capable of enabling buyers to eat on the go.

There are different companies advocating to answer the challenges today and one of them is Paper Mart. These companies ensure that packaging is excellently done.