High Tech Pen Used In Skin Care Treatment Could Help Reverse Skin Aging

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The latest and the most popular anti-aging treatment that is available in Houston is the same treatment that was first used Hollywood and it is known to be used by reality celebrities such as the Kardashians and the cast of the Real Housewives. This popular treatment is more commonly known as face needling.

According to Jamie McCulley who is the esthetician at the Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Skin Spa, he likes to call the technology Micro-Pen. Majority of the people that are going through treatment feel uneasy whenever the tern needles are used. Basically, there are 12 needles that can be found inside the chamber of the micro-pen.

Patients are given the option to choose the type of anti-aging lubricant that will be used on their face before the needling process takes place.

McCulley shared that the patients are given two options when choosing lubricants – the first one is a hyaluronic acid that aids in moisturizing the face as well as improving the growth rate of the skin cells on the face while the second option is called PRP or platelet rich plasma. When it comes to option, this is at the top of the list and the most luxurious of them all. PRP is done by using your own blood platelets in order to stimulate the collagen as well as the elastin to create new versions of themselves.

The same treatment has been used by Natalie Beegle once last February this year. Beegle shared that she is almost 40 and she has already signs of pigmentation on her skin for years of being exposed to the sun. Aside from that, there are also signs of wrinkles, fine lines and a number of visible acne scars. After undergoing the first treatment, she admitted that her skin was glowing and it is now smoother to apply makeup on her face.

The anti-aging lubricant she chose was the PRP. After taking her blood, it was circulated in a centrifuge in order to separate the yellow plasma which is then spread on the face after numbing it. For people who are scared to undergo such treatments, there are many options for Organic Skin Care online Shop.