Guidelines To Setup A Motorcycle Dealership


Like any other business, starting a motorcycle dealership and achieve a good reputation requires time, efforts and patience. Setting up a motorcycle dealership involves some planning and huge investment. Here are some guidelines to help you setup a dealership.

  1. The first step to start a motorcycle dealership that sells Aprilia motorbikes and other different brands of motorbikes is to determine the structure of the company. There are different kinds of business structures like sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership etc. each business structure has its own advantages and disadvantages. Select a suitable business structure for the business depending on the needs and goals.
  2. Obtaining the required permits and licenses is the next step. You have to contact a reputed attorney or check with the city clerk’s office to know about the different requirements to set up a motorcycle dealership in your city or country.
  3. The next step is to determine the products and services, you wish to offer at the dealership. Do you want to open a dealership that sells only new Aprilia motorbikes and other brands of motorbikes or do you want to sell used bikes too? Do you want to include other services like bike repairs, riding training and maintenance of motorcycles, along with the sales of new or used bikes? Once you determine the services and products, hire the required personnel to help you carryout different tasks. A motorcycle dealership will require different personnel like sales and marketing professionals, mechanics, finance and accounts personnel etc.
  4. The motorcycle dealership will require a suitable space to display all the motorbikes for sale. Research your city and select a suitable location for your dealership. The location should be easily accessible to the buyers. Choose a central location and buy or rent a premises for your dealership. Depending on the services offered at the dealership, it might require a huge space to display bikes, setup workshop for bike repair, have office for finance and accounts department and so on.
  5. Get registered with different manufacturers and get the inventory. Most of the manufacturers supply inventory on credit basis. Negotiate with the manufactures and chalk out a good deal. If the dealership also deals with used Aprilia motorbikes and other motorcycles, you can attend auctions, junkyard sales, etc. to search for used bikes that are maintained well.