Government Set To Back Port Of Melbourne Rail Shuttle


Good news for businesses in Melbourne, especially like a Melbourne courier company, who deal with logistics, as both the local Victorian and the national Australian Governments have recently made announcements, stating that they are set to support several projects aimed at improving road traffic in Melbourne and the currently existing rail network.

These new projects are aimed at improving traffic, taking trucks off of the local roads as well as connecting the Port of Melbourne to the major freight hubs across the state of Victoria.

The Governments will soon look into the methods on creating a network of rail freight shuttles on the current rail network, which will lead to the connection of the Port of Melbourne to the major freight hubs, as well any major Melbourne courier company in the city, and across the state.

Darren Chester, the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport stated that the proposal would utilize the rail, with its ability to carry larger volumes and sizes of freight compared to trucks, whilst also alleviating congestion issues across Victoria’s capital.

According to Chester, trucks have become more common on Victorian roads due to the increased export from the Australian Government’s free trade agreements. The project is then aimed at using the rail network to move larger volumes of freight, as well as reducing congestion on Victoria’s roads.

He states that the freight and logistics industry had, prior to the proposal, identified the rail network’s potential to reduce transport costs by approximately 10%, while, at the same time, improving efficiency and the country’s trade competitiveness. This, according to Chester, is the reason why the Australian Government is investing $8.4B on the Inland Rail project, which will connect Brisbane and Melbourne together.

Luke Donnellan, the Victorian Minister for Roads, Road Safety and Ports, explained, saying that the Port of Melbourne is the state’s primary freight hub, and will remain so for a generation. With volumes set to double over the next 2 decades, he says that steps need to be taken to share the load between road and rail.

This proposal is similar to the Port Rail Shuttle project, which will work alongside the Inland Rail, in order to enhance the transportation in and out of the Port of Melbourne.

The Australia Logistics Council has already expressed their support towards the project and the government’s utilization of rail freight, which they say will be a key aspect in improving Victoria’s supply chain efficiency and safety.