Five Qualities Of Successful Tutors


The personality of a tutor plays an important role on the quality of tutoring. The tutor must be affable and should be capable of creating a bond with the student. Apart from expertise in the subject, the tutor must have knowledge about the different methods of teaching that will help the students understand science concepts in a better way. The tutor must be capable of evaluating the needs of the student and design a learning plan to suit his requirements.

If you are searching for a science tutor for your kids, here are the five qualities you should look out for.


Patience is a key trait for tutors. Tutors often have to handle different students with varied personalities. Students learn at different pace and it is necessary for the tutors to be patient with slow learners. Most of the students require time to understand the difficult concepts of science, the science tutor should patiently guide the children through experiments, worksheets and practice sessions to provide concept clarity for his students.


Tutors must be highly-skilled in their subject. They should have expert level knowledge and be well versed with the examination pattern in the subject, they are tutoring. Apart from subject knowledge, a science tutor should also possess ample teaching skills. Parents should always prefer to hire a tutor, who has the tutor training certification.


Every subject expert cannot become a tutor. A successful tutor must possess the ability to teach. The tutor must have the ability to evaluate the students’ needs and design course plan to improve learning outcomes. The tutor should have the ability to share the required information in a clear and easy manner that matches with the grasping of the student.

Friendly and professional

A tutor should be friendly as well as professional. He should be able to develop a bond with the student. Students cannot learn from tutors, with whom they are not comfortable to be around. Tutoring needs a lot of knowledge sharing and discussion, hence it is very important for the students to feel comfortable and at ease with their tutors.


Apart from the expertise and ability to teach, a science tutor must have the passion to teach. The tutor must be willing to put efforts for the development of his students.