Famous Steakhouse From South America Coming To Old Metairie


Old Metairie used to house Chateau du Lac but since the business is no longer operational, it will be replaced by a new steakhouse that follows the South American style. You won’t have to join South America Tours in order to experience their steak.

BrasaChurrasqueria is set to be launched in the beginning of June. The steakhouse will be located at 2037 Metairie Road. It is the latest project offering by Edgar Caro who is the chef and restaurateur responsible for famous spots such as Basin Seafood & Spirits as well as Baru Bistro & Tapas.

The BrasaChurrasqueria will feature a kitchen that is cantered by a wood-fired grill. This is their way approaching the elements by using aroma, char and flavour to the dishes they cook. Caro shared that the menu will be more focused on a number of steaks that are inspired by the South American cultures when it comes to their passion for beef.

Caro explained that what they are hoping is to present to customers a traditional steakhouse from South America. He said that wherever one might be in South America, be it in Colombia where he was hailed, Argentina or Brazil, everyone is passionate when it comes to cooking steak and beef. This is the reason why he put up the steakhouse as a chance to reminisce as well as share the beautiful experience to the locals in New Orleans.

The menu will be presenting steak cuts popularly known in Latin America such as skirt steak, sirloin cap, entrana, and picanha. There will also be an option for filet mignon and available aged steaks for those who desire to have one. The restaurant built by Caro comes with its very own special aging room.

The wood-fired grill used by the restaurant was built specifically to the design Caro wanted. It is made of brick and iron. The very same ones can be seen by guests dining in steakhouses while in South America Tours. Caro is a native of Cartagena which is in the coast of Colombia. He transferred to New Orleans back in 1999 when he was still a college student. His very first restaurant was launched in 2007.