Facts About Marquee Hire In Sydney


A marquee is the biggest infrastructure hired in most important events. The expense of hiring a marquee is significantly huge, however, it can also be the most elegant venue for holding an event. Marquees can be transformed into different styles depending on the kind of event being held. They come in various sizes to suit the needs of the client.

It is a big deal to get a marquee hire in Sydney for various kinds of events such as weddings, conferences, birthdays, and other important functions that you want to make a beautiful impression to your guests. Getting the right marquee is crucial in the success of the event while simple mistakes can bring disaster to the occasion. Here are points to remember to help you get the right marqueeand have an elegant venue for your event.

  1. Number of people invited – one of the first things you need to consider is the headcount or a close estimate. Without knowing the number of guests can cause inconvenience to the guests. Being squeezed because of limited space is not comfortable for the guests. On the other hand, having a huge marquee with few guests is like an empty ball field making the event like a hunted town. Knowing the exact number of guests helps you get the right size of marquee hire in Sydney that is fit for your occasion.
  2. Extra things required – the things that you need depends on the type of occasion you are holding. You can hire a marquee independently or purchase a package from a marquee company. This includes food, decors, table, chairs, and other things.
  3. Book the marquee ahead – it is necessary to get a confirmed booking of a marquee hire in Sydney especially during busy seasons when inventories of marquees are quickly reserved. To avoid this thing from happening, you need to anticipate ahead of time on the possibility of running out of available marquees to hire.
  4. Check the venue’s requirements – it is important to have a clear idea of the position of the venue on marquees so you can choose the perfect marquee for the event.
  5. Insurance of supplier – this is a vital part to be thoroughly checked to avoid the hassles of putting you in a difficult situation when something sour happens. It is a risky thing not having insurance because it can put you in danger if there are damages in the property and people get injured.
  6. Budget – having a budget will allow you to get the right options and spare you from wasting your time negotiating with the companies beyond your price range.

Knowing these things will guide you in getting the right marquee for the event you are hosting.