Dengue Cases A 20-Year High: Massive Pest Control In Sydney Needed


Mosquitos are among the insects known to man and other animals which can cause the most number of diseases they can inflict just by biting and sucking the blood of someone. You see, mosquitos nowadays have found a way to develop their very own immunity to deflect chemicals used by pest exterminators against them, thus making it harder for the said exterminators to totally get rid of mosquitos in a specific property. Fortunately, these exterminators have been trained to deal with pests such as mosquitos and other disease-ridden insects without relying heavily on hazardous chemicals. In addition to this, accredited companies who can provide professional pest control in Sydney and in other major cities in the world, know they will eradicate pest infestation without taking too much from their clients and at the same time, they make sure that the infestation- like mosquito infestation which can cause the deadly Dengue Fever, will never happen a second time around. And, these licensed exterminators know exactly where to look for pests in any given property because of the mere fact that they have been trained to deal with these pesky pests so experience-wise, they would know where pests are nesting around.

Speaking of mosquito infestation and the deadly Dengue Fever, Australia has recorded a 20-year high in the number of travellers getting infected by said disease back in 2016. According to the federal health department, travellers who were infected with the said disease, had been said to have acquired the said virus from topical places such as Bali and brought the virus upon returning to Australia. All in all, there had been a grand total of more than 2,000 confirmed cases of Dengue Fever in the whole of Australia. According to an expert from the University of Sydney, the alarming rise in the number of confirmed Dengue cases can be attributed to the mere fact that Dengue Fever cases are a problem globally and because of this painful truth, Australians who are infected by said virus were bringing along the disease with them and there’s a high possibility that they involuntarily transmit the disease to others. To prevent a possible Dengue outbreak, the state government has been pushing for accreditation of more pest exterminators who can provide pest control in Sydney and in other states in Australia to at least control the spread of the said virus at least, from within the country itself.