CRO Marketing Approaches To Try


Making efforts to generate great website traffic does not necessarily mean it is the right strategy. Building more traffic in your website is useless if you don’t convert it into sales. There must be good reasons for the users to stay in your site until they will buy what you are marketing.

Using CRO or conversion rate optimization is about maximizing what you have and letting it work better on your digital business. Doing CRO will save you time and money while improving your revenue and sales.

Try these CRO marketing strategies for a better online business:

  1. Create CTAs that are text-based on your blog posts

Including CTAs in your posts is a good practice, however, they are not always a successful thing to do to encourage your customers to get your products and services. A CTA that is text-based is needed to succeed in this strategy.

  1. Add lead flows on your post

Consider adding lead flows to your blogs. Essentially, they are pop-ups that are designed to offer value and attract attention.

  1. Conduct tests on landing pages

Landing pages play an important role of a marketer’s toolkit, thus, running A/B test is necessary.

  1. Help leads become MQL

Most web visitors want to interact with a representative and go straight to business instead of being nurtured by offers. You can become an MQL to make this action easy for them.

  1. Build workflows for your sales group

Creating an automated workflow for your sales team will help a lot. You can learn marketing automation from online sources that will guide you through it.

  1. Include messages to web pages

The messages tool of HubSpot makes it possible to interact to website visitors in actual time. To enhance conversions, you must add messages to web pages that are high performing.

  1. Optimize blog posts that are high performing

Identify your blog posts with the most web traffic but low in conversion rates. The reason for this low conversion rate may be because the content you are promoting is not aligned with the content of the blog post or the CTA is unclear.

Marketing strategies of your CRO can vary based on the product line you are marketing. It is important to have good knowledge of your products and your customers to create strategies that suit them.