Construction Of Training Facility Already Started


Advanced Construction Engineering or ACE Centre is currently under construction at the Booth Lane campus of Northampton College. The facility is designed to be a training center for the coming generation of decorators, builders and plumbers. The staff of the training facility will teach the students new techniques regarding the skills they are focusing on. This is to ensure that the next generation of workforce will have the necessary and updated skills which are needed in order to meet the industry’s demand.

According to the principal of the facility, Pat Brennan-Barrett who was at the groundbreaking ceremony, the courses they are offering will make sure that they will create a group of students that are highly skilled and high quality. These students will have the technical skills that is currently lacking in the industry which will ensure that the workforce within the construction industry will have a long-term effect and a modern touch.

The facility will be equipped with Digital Lab along with a Virtual Reality classroom. There will be equipment for 3D printing and workshop tools and machines that are on par with the standards of today’s industries. The centre is expected to be completed in September of 2019.

Jake Berry, Northern Powerhouse and Local Growth’s minister, said that the centre is going to have a huge and lasting impact on the engineering and construction industries around Northampton and even beyond that.

Pledges came from fifteen leading companies such as Metcalfe’s, Kier, Murphy Group and Bowmer& Kirkland that are interested in becoming partners with the centre.

Part of the money used for the construction came from Skills Capital Fund of SEMLEP which is an external source.

According to SEMLEP’s director of programmes and governance, Judith Barker, major construction companies are now looking for solutions to worries about the ageing workforce and the widening skills gap therefore this is considered as a priority. They are happy to know that local employers are willing to play their part in supporting the ACE Centre.

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