Condos Out Of Former Classrooms

Home Improvement

Capitol Hill now has a condominium in the Buchanan School. The project transformed classrooms into bedrooms minus the lockers and blackboard. Gone are the school’s ceramic bathroom wash basins but the new look will make you want to live there.

Ditto Residential is the developer responsible for transforming the Buchanan School into a condo. According to their chief executive, Martin Ditto, they do not offer anything low quality. They recognize the history of the school building thus they created a matching modern interior.

Ditto’s childhood house was designed by architect A. Hay Town and therefore has a huge influence on him. He said that Town was the first architect to recycle materials and he also incorporated the breakfast area with the kitchen.

The Buchanan school condos is located at 1324 E St. SE. it has 41 units between the two historic school establishments which both undergone restoration. The two buildings have a connection which is the main entrance going to the condos. Its doors and windows are made of glass and the buildings are made of red brick matched with black paint.

The lobby inside has a brick wall with exposed style while the flooring is made of natural tumbled limestone which came from Italy. There are pocket doors in the lobby leading to the grand room covered with bookshelves. The grand room has a decorative fireplace and dedicated seating areas. French doors open up to the patio which is equipped with a grill.

There is a semi-enclosure around the patio to ensure privacy but tall shrubs as well as steel panels are also giving it an open look.

Ditto said that they wanted to have modern design while making use of older materials.

One of their first buyers is Ivory Zorich who is also a resident of Capitol Hill. During the renovations of the school, she already thought that buyers will be lucky to live inside the beautiful buildings. She loved the fact that an old building is equipped with the latest features which is not common.

She is happy with her huge windows, kitchen cabinets made of solid wood though she can only dream of having a ceramic bathroom wash basinsas well as an outdoor space but she is happy with her new unit as there is a clubroom and patio available for use.