China Hitting Apple Over Map App

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Geopolitics affects all sorts of businesses; even a Cartography illustrator can find themselves watching sociopolitics to make sure they don’t get caught in something.

Well, they might not be traditional cartographers, but Apple’s certainly taking heat over a map, well, a map app, as the Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper, the People’s Daily, called foul towards Apple Inc. due to allowing an app on their store that tracks the movement of the Hong Kong Police Force, which is being used by protestors and demonstrators.

The newspaper didn’t name the specific app, but called out Apple Inc. for what it saw as complicity in aiding the protestors and questioned Apple’s operations, saying that the US tech giant wasn’t thinking properly; not considering what they were doing.

One map available on the Apple app store is the, which has become the talk of Twitter for talk, both criticizing it and support it, and the protests. The developer of the app didn’t immediately respond to requests for comments on the matter, but Apple, in a recent tweet, stated that they had a lot of business considerations to make, but they would make things right.

Apple is only the latest company to take heat in regards to the democratic protests happening in Hong Kong, which has been going on since June 2019. While no Cartography illustrator business has taken heat, major companies like the National Basketball Association (NBA), and Vans, the sports brand, have been caught in the storm of controversy regarding the protests.

The piece that was published on the People’s Daily stated that Apple didn’t have a sense of morality and was ignoring the truth. It also said that making the app available on the Apple app store during such a time was enabling violent protestors in the country.

The paper even went so far as to say that letting the map app, and such ‘poisonous software’ on the Apple app store was a betrayal of the Chinese people.

As for the tech giant, it has received several requests to make comments on the matter, but has refused to state anything.