Changi’s New Glass Canopy Residential Park Unveiled

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Wherever you are right now, wherever you look, there’s glass that can you your true reflection. You see, glass is now considered as one of the important materials in the world due to the fact it has a wide variety of uses because it can be reshaped and resized according to the requirements of the clients. In addition to this, today’s kind of glass has become sturdier than the ones we used to see in the past which means the glass of today has lesser chances of becoming brittle which can lead to it breaking down into even with one gentle hit of the hand. As mentioned, glass has an unlimited list of things it can be used for especially for the construction industry. Among those features in a home that are nowadays, made of glass is the glass canopy residential. For starters, a canopy is simply both an attachable and detachable structure that can be used both as a shelter against extreme weather conditions and, as a decoration especially in outdoors. Canopies are typically supported by the buildings where they are installed. In the past, conventional canopies were made of vinyl, acrylic, polyester or even canvas. And since most canopies are used outdoors, materials used for this type of covers can last longer period of usage, are easily cleaned and flame-retardant.


Just recently, Changi Airport in Singapore, one of the world’s biggest and busiest airports right now, has finally unveiled its glass canopy residential park. It’s one of the airport’s newest attractions which include an air-conditioned garden that is located at the topmost level of the airport. It’s basically a canopy park where both residents of Singapore and frequent travelers can look forward to a line-up of awesome lifestyle offerings. The said canopy park has an incredible size amounting to 14,000 square-meters which is equivalent to the size of 11 Olympic-sized pools. Among the many attractions you can enjoy at the Canopy Park are play attractions such as Sky Nets, Canopy Mazes and Discovery Slides. The park also has gardens, walking traits and numerous dining outlets which are perfect for travelers who are waiting for their flights.