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Important Things To Consider Before Engaging In Cross-Border Trade

Cross-border trade between the US and Canada is big business that generates astronomical profits for companies using the North American distribution model. However, cross-border trade also has its share of challenges because the movement of goods has its own set of rules and regulations, custom paperwork, security clearances, and carrier requirements.

Before you decide to engage in cross-border trade, make sure that you have knowledge and understanding of documentation. When it comes to cross-border shipping, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Canadian Borders Services Agency (CBSA) must know what products you are bringing to the country and the origin of the products. The information they require can be accessed through the documentation you are required to submit.

When it comes to shipping products, no one knows better than the customs broker. A licensed customs broker will serve as a liaison between the company and the custom agency. They provide the necessary advice on the preparation of documentation needed by the shipments including entry forms. They will transmit all the documents and forms to the custom agency and manage the payments of duties, taxes, and fees. They will ensure that all documentation is prepared on time to avoid unnecessary delays and fees.

An overwhelming 62% of all goods that cross the border are hauled by trucks. Trucking is the preferred option for cross-border transport because it delivers a combination of cost, timing, and visibility. Regardless of whether you want to use 3PL or an asset-based carrier, you have to make sure that the trucking provider has experience in hauling cross-border freight. The transport provider must have the necessary expertise and technology to provide regular timely updates to the shipper.

There is a lot of freight that passes the border and any mistakes can be very costly. Unnecessary delays in the arrival of goods may affect production and delivery schedules.

Your best option when it comes to reliable transport across all of North America is Titan Transline, a one-stop 3PL logistics and trucking provider. Years of experience in cross-border logistics have made them one of the trusted names in cross-border transport. A professional team can handle even the most complex transport requests with expertise and personalized service.

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Strategies For Advertising Reviews On The Internet

So you have a growing list of positive feedback from your customers. Congratulations! This means you are providing excellent service to your base, and you most definitely should be proud of that.

This is a great time for you to make the most out of these reviews and expand your customer base to attract new customers. By promoting feedback from satisfied consumers, you are building your credibility and brand reputation. Here are four ways you can make the most out of customer reviews in your digital marketing methods.

  1. Show them off on your website. The best way to make the testimonials more prominent on your website is to scatter them throughout all your different pages. By using different testimonials in every page, you are setting up consistent reminders to site visitors about the excellent quality of your service.


  1. Share them on social media. This is perhaps the easiest way you can reach people since many Internet users are on some form of social media. Be sure to use different formats and styles depending on the platform you are using.


  1. Include them in your pricing packages and brochures. As potential customers go through the products and services you have to offer, you can justify the costs by including real-life testimonials of those who got their money’s worth.


  1. Generate content from reviews. You can create a blog post about one user’s testimonial, or do a series of Instagram Stories highlighting different experiences, or you can even create videos, such as King Kong advertising reviews through testimonial videos from their clients.


As a business owner, doing excellent service is truly a feat, so there is no reason not to share this with future customers. Take pride in this, and strategise!


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How Review Videos Affect Buying Decisions

Consumers often doubt test-based customer reviews because they feel that written reviews can be easily manipulated. Instead of reading reviews, they prefer to watch videos that feature real customers. In fact, the top product review on YouTube is made by a 9-year old kid who honestly reviews toys.

Buying decisions are often long and comprehensive because of the presence of many fake products and services offered by online vendors. Consumers are usually in doubt whether a product is actually genuine. Authentic customer reviews are very crucial in influencing a person to make a purchasing decision. It is very likely for a consumer to read or watch review videos and testimonials before actually paying for a product or service.

How to make an effective review video

  • It is important to have a proper script to avoid missing the important aspects of the product or service being reviewed. Highlight the key features that are exclusively available to the product.
  • The review must not sound too salesly, otherwise you will be killing your chances even before you start. The moment that viewers feel that the review is just a paid advertisement they would move to another review made by a genuine customer.
  • Connect with the satisfied customer base whether they are willing to talk about the product and answer some questions to add credibility to the review.

A digital marketing agency uses king kong marketing agency review as a useful tool to help generate potential clients. Review videos help clients understand what the company does and how it will help them achieve success.

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Why Reviews Are Considered As Powerful SEO Tools

Every SEO consultant will tell you that fresh and relevant content is very critical to SEO. This is the reason why many businesses are encouraged to write blogs, create new landing pages and invest in content marketing. Reviews work in the same way.

When a business gets customer reviews regularly, they have a consistent influx of new content for search engine spiders. Things get better when the reviews are posted on authoritative platforms that have many followers.

Gaining a high ranking in search engine results is not about impressing automated bots because Google also relies on human quality control team. This is the reason why strong reviews are considered as powerful SEO tools.

When a site is being evaluated, automatized search engine algorithms use spiders to look through product reviews and testimonials as customer content. The human quality control team manually evaluates the reputation of the site looking for truth, authority, and expertise. The content provided by customers through their reviews provides the site with legitimacy and allows it to gain the benefits from manual and automated rating systems.

The emphasis is always on getting good reviews but a few unfavourable reviews won’t hurt the site’s position. Unfavourable reviews are normal and expected because you cannot please everyone.

A digital marketing agency has achieved an excellent online reputation because of the king kong SEO review posted on online review sites. While most of the reviews are written by the employees themselves, they managed to establish credibility which is very critical for the brand.

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Illustrations Vs. Photography: Knowing When To Use Which

A lot of design work opt for photography, which is understandable due to how effective they are for telling a story.

However, there are some times when illustrations is the better option when putting together a design. They’ve got their won flair and “pizzaz” so they’re useful in situations when photos might not be enough.

In the era of social media, with all of its photos and posts, illustrations have come into their own, to the delight of Maria Rabinky and other illustrators. If you’re wondering when to use them, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Using illustrations

Fantastical scenes

Photos are great for showing off scenes and stories. However, there are some things that it simply can’t show off, which is when illustrations come in.

Illustrators like Maria Rabinky aren’t held back by real-life considerations, which means that things like lighting, travel, gravity, and the like, which means that, for any scene that simply can’t be photographed, illustrations are the best.

Standing out

Illustrations are also great for getting people’s attention; they just stand out like that.

In today’s market, where there are a lot of similar products that vie for people’s attention, being able to stand out is all the more important. That’s why illustrations have become more popular than ever, as they’re great for standing out; illustrations bring a different style to an image and a story.


Icons are the most common use for illustrations. “Like” buttons, shopping carts, and the like are where illustrations are mostly used.

Vector illustrations are the ones used for icons, due to the fact that they’re independent from resolution, meaning that they don’t suffer from upscaling or downscaling.

Using photographs


There are, of course, situations where photography is the natural choice for designers.

For any situations where an accurate representation of a product or story needed, then a photograph is the best option. People tend to trust photographs when it comes to getting an accurate idea of a place, product, or story.


Photos are great for presenting an image (no pun intended) of professionalism.

Any image that provide an accurate representation of reality are great for persuading people that a company or brand is serious and professional, which is particularly useful and important for something like a bank.

Showing off something real

Well, naturally. Accurate representation is the main thing of photographs. That means that, if you want to advertise a product or service, then a photograph is the choice to pick.


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USA And Canada Heavily Reliant On Cross-Border Trade

The supply chains of North America are highly integrated with manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centres, and material suppliers on both sides of the Canadian-USA borders. At least 80% of trade is moved through land using cross-border trucking that can efficiently move goods that are critical to maintaining tight schedules and are very important to the movement of finished products and raw goods.

While the efficiency of cross-border trucking is very critical, international safety and security at the borders are equally important. There must be secure processes in accomplishing documentation and inspecting various requirements to minimize congestion and border delays. To further improve efficiency and effectiveness at the critical crossings, many major factors that cause delay at the borders must be immediately addressed.

The importance of cross-border trade to the national economies of Canada and the USA

Canada and the United States have always enjoyed a unique economic partnership. Both countries have done more business with each other than any country in the world. Canada is the USA’s largest goods trading partner. US exports of agricultural products to Canada from prepared foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, snack foods, and non-agricultural products amount to billions of dollars.

US exports to the private sector include professional services in the fields of telecommunications, accounting, and travel. Meanwhile, the USA is the largest market for Canadian exports that include snack foods and chocolates, fresh/chilled/frozen meats, vegetable oils, live animals, and processed fruits and vegetables.

The USA is also the main trading partner of Canadian provinces like Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. On the other hand, Canada is the major trading partner of states that include Michigan, New York, Vermont, and Maine. Jobs in the aforementioned states are highly dependent on the trade and investments of Canada. Cross-border trucking companies are also reliant on the movement and delivery of goods to the market.

The most efficient services are offered by Titan Transline to customers in North America. Customers can expect superior results, unprecedented dedication and attention to detail, and seamless execution from the team. The company operates with an unwavering commitment to establish cost-effective solutions when planning logistical needs.

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