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Niagara Falls Looking To Provide Affordable Housing

Niagara Falls is currently having problem with regards to the lack of affordable housing and the city council is pressured to find a long-term answer to this. Moreover, residents are worried that there are more tourists coming for Niagara Falls boat ride which they fear could increase the prices of houses in the area.

During a council meeting at the beginning of December which also happens to be the first the council held for this term, they have already discussed the action they are going to take regarding the issue. The initiative will be spearheaded by Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce’s policy and government relations director, Hugo Chesshire and Bethlehem Housing’s executive director, Lori Beech.

One of the proposals that the council might have to consider in the future is to approve the development of tiny homes which are basically shipping containers that have been remodeled to become small houses. This will then be available for rent at very affordable rates.

Financial support will be provided to Chesshire and Beech from a number of agencies as well as private individuals who pledged in writing.

In return, they are asking for specific conditions such as:

  • They want the council to promise a long-term commitment to solve the current problem of low affordable housing number.
  • They want the municipality to make this project a priority in terms of promotion.
  • They want to devise an action plan that is in line with the policies of the government both provincial and federal.
  • They want to review and change bylaws they deem will help support their project of affordable housing.

These are only additional conditions not including the ones they have already taken up with the public, the city hall and the province of Niagara Falls. The city, on the other hand, is reviewing the problem with boarding houses and they are also considering the proposal to convert rooms inside motels to long-term accommodations at a very low cost.

With the number of people coming to experience the Niagara Falls boat ride, it is not right to know that many of the residents are struggling with homelessness or lack of option for affordable housing.

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Why You Should Go For Similan Islands Diving

The Similan Islands are a wonderful archipelago located in the Andaman Sea, about 100-kilometres north from Phuket. These small islands are breathtaking that all you need is some snapshots to reminisce memories here. Most people come here on a day trip tour, but it’s highly suggested to try liveaboards as it’s cheaper. Spend around two to four days to experience Similan islands diving and you’ll enjoy it. The trip is faraway from Phuket, so travel at night and when you wake up, enjoy the daytime by diving.

To get to the Similan islands, you’ll need to book a tour that takes you first to a snorkelling experience. Then you’ll head to the main island where you can dine in a restaurant and be accommodated in hospitable hotels. Try not to deal with the cheapest speedboat unless you’re on a tight budget. You’ll be worried too much if you travel with limited space. If you’re a professional diver, there are many dive centres to check out and book for a day trip to Khao Lak. Or you’ll prefer the liveaboard cruise to have a great Similan islands diving experience.

What to Remember So You Won’t Get in Trouble

The Thai government takes care of the national parks found in the Similan islands. They inform people to preserve and handle it well. As a ruling, tourists and divers visiting Similan for diving are not allowed to feed the fishes, no matter how they swarm around and beg for food. They are also not allowed to pick any coral or sea life. And lastly, if they come across a coral, they need to swim above and not walk on it.

Staying over the Similan

You’ll find a hard time booking an accommodation here, especially that they are limited in this area. However, after the Similan islands diving, you can spend the night and rent a small tent or air-conditioned bungalow. The latter is more comfortable as you’re provided with your own bathroom with shower. You also get a sea view from the balcony and lots of fresh air. Be here between October till May as scuba diving is closed the rest of the year due to bad weather conditions.

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Eight Spa Etiquette Tips For First Time Visitors

Taking a spa treatment is one of the best things to do in Saigon. However, visiting a spa can be an anxious experience for the first time visitors. Here are some basic spa etiquette to help you have a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience.

  • Before booking a treatment in a spa in in Saigon, do a bit of research. Visit the website of spa or ask for references to know about the different amenities and services provided at the spa. Different spas offer variety of treatments, book a spa only when the services offered at the spa match with your expectations.
  • If you are planning to book an in-house spa in in Saigon at your vacation hotel, consider making the bookings early. The hotel spas fill up quickly especially during the peak tourist season. It is advisable to make early bookings to avoid last minute disappointment.
  • Make your preferences about male and female aesthetician known at the time of booking appointment. This will enable the spa to assign your preferred aesthetician or masseur for your treatment. Last minute demands for aestheticians and masseurs are not encouraged by most of the spas.
  • Do not have a heavy meal before visiting a spa. Also remember not to consume too much caffeine before visiting a spa, as the excess caffeine makes it difficult to relax during the spa treatment.
  • Arrive at least fifteen to twenty minutes prior to the appointment. This gives sufficient time to get accustomed to the spa environment and get ready for the treatment. You can also enjoy the other amenities provided at the spa in in Saigon, if you reach early.
  • Provide all the details about any medical conditions and allergies before starting the treatment. Let the spa know if you have any food allergies or have any skin conditions that prohibit the use of some products.
  • Speak to the masseur or aesthetician about the specific areas in the body, you want to target. This helps them to customize the spa treatments according to your requirements.
  • Do not talk too loudly or behave in an inappropriate manner with the staff at the spa in in Saigon as it may lead to cancellation of the appointment.

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How Similan Island Liveaboard Can Make You Find Accommodations In Similan

A Similan Island Liveaboard can take you to various islands near Similan Islands. Although hiring the liveaboard can be expensive, especially that it will cost you few thousand baht, but it’s the only way you are guided on what to explore the islands. You can dive underneath the seawater or go snorkelling on the water surface and view the marine life and corals underneath.

However, from the Similan Island liveaboard, you can possibly sleep in the one of the islands. If you like to see what’s in store for this breath-taking island in the Andaman Sea, you can spend few nights here and enjoy two types of accommodation. You need to book in advance especially for bungalows, as it often fully booked. So here are accommodations to try in Similan Islands:

  • The Tents

Similan Islands National Park will offer tourists tents to rent which is about two square-metre big and come with a thin mattress and pillows. For a day, it will cost 570 baht. Private tents are prohibited.

  • Similan Bungalows

The Similan Islands have developed some properties here; where they can offer 20 bungalows for rent on island number 4. The rate per night is 2000 baht with air-conditioning. You may think that electricity is running here but the appliances are operatedusing generators. If you choose fan bungalows, you’ll only pay half the price per night.

The island has also a small restaurant and some provisions for shower and toilet.

The bungalows too are so basic, being owned and operated by the government. You can’t expect so much luxury as you see them as they are.  They don’t even have provisions for a bed. So, many tourists, who have travelled the islands through Similan Island liveaboard, choose to stay there for better accommodations.

Staying in a Similan Island bungalow is an adventure if you want to enjoy a Thailand vacation. If you like to stay in their bungalows, you need to visit the government website and possibly make reservations for such accommodation. You also need to pay in advance to ensure reservation. However, it may be difficult to reach the national park office, so you need a lot of patience to get there.

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Team Building’s Impact On Businesses

You spend a lot of time building your business and as a startup company, it is essential to surround yourself with the right kind of people. The business’ growth depends greatly on the people working around it therefore the ones with the right entrepreneurial vibe should be chosen. Therefore it is important to remember that team building activities are not just done because it is a part of the recruitment process but it plays a greater role outside of the Human Resource office.

It is important to use the right tools in order to gather the best teams that will help you reach the success for the business you worked hard for. The first thing to remember is that recruiting should not be a monotonous task that is completed just for the sake of profit. Nowadays, team building should be treated as a form of art because the creative methods are employed in order to get to know the passion of an individual. The business should not only represent the dreams of the founder but it should also speak to the passion of the team members. When this fails to happen, it is best to evaluate your dreams before building a team.

If you think you are in sync with an individual who can be a part of your team, do not let the opportunity slide but let the law of attraction take charge instead. Communication by using your passion in an entrepreneurial level will help you connect. You can test out the waters by giving them problems which you encounter in your business and let them provide a solution as a way to prove their passion in what you do.

Instead of using your convincing power, it is best to communicate when trying to recruit a team member. Communication should be detailed even to the smallest details in order for the relationship to be effective. They should join your team voluntarily and you should be open to criticism as well as questions when asked. Make sure to remember to organize team building activities in order to foster a good working relationship and to motivate your members to work even harder.

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