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Strategies For Advertising Reviews On The Internet

So you have a growing list of positive feedback from your customers. Congratulations! This means you are providing excellent service to your base, and you most definitely should be proud of that.

This is a great time for you to make the most out of these reviews and expand your customer base to attract new customers. By promoting feedback from satisfied consumers, you are building your credibility and brand reputation. Here are four ways you can make the most out of customer reviews in your digital marketing methods.

  1. Show them off on your website. The best way to make the testimonials more prominent on your website is to scatter them throughout all your different pages. By using different testimonials in every page, you are setting up consistent reminders to site visitors about the excellent quality of your service.


  1. Share them on social media. This is perhaps the easiest way you can reach people since many Internet users are on some form of social media. Be sure to use different formats and styles depending on the platform you are using.


  1. Include them in your pricing packages and brochures. As potential customers go through the products and services you have to offer, you can justify the costs by including real-life testimonials of those who got their money’s worth.


  1. Generate content from reviews. You can create a blog post about one user’s testimonial, or do a series of Instagram Stories highlighting different experiences, or you can even create videos, such as King Kong advertising reviews through testimonial videos from their clients.


As a business owner, doing excellent service is truly a feat, so there is no reason not to share this with future customers. Take pride in this, and strategise!


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In-House Agency Council Launches In The AU

Australia recently saw the formation of the country’s In-House Agency Council, a community for the country’s in-house marketing agencies.

The Council is founded by several major companies in the AU, with members including Australia Post, Carlton United Breweries, Eucalyptus, Hawthorn Football Club, Kantar, Iution, MYOB, Newscorp, Optus, Sportsbet, The Star Entertainment Group, and others.

Iution CEO Chris Maxwell will take post as chairman and leader of the IHAC.

The council was formed with the intention of helping in-house marketing agencies across Australia grow and develop, handling things like advocacy, training, recruitment, setting best practices for the industry and others, alongside a new annual award series and secondment programmes, masterclasses, and networking.

Other founding board members of the IHAC include:

  • MYOB Head of Design, Agency and Brand Belinda Watson
  • SportsBet Marketing General Manager Tim Hernadi
  • Brand and Marketing Advisor Michael Sinclair
  • Catsales Chief Marketing Officer Kellie Cordner
  • Optus Consumer Marketing Director Angela Greenwood
  • Newscorp Managing Director for Commercial Content Mike Connaghan

Maxwell, who formerly served as Carlton United Breweries’ Marketing Director, stated his belief that the IHAC is a chance for in-house marketing agencies across Australia to come together, connect, and collaborate for their benefit, and the growth of the industry as a whole.

Maxwell stated that he talked to others in the industry like king kong sabri suby, and stated that there were common problems, opportunities, and themes across their different experiences. It was then that they realized that in-house marketing agencies had no forum for collaborating, sharing, or establishing standard procedure for the industry, which is why they established the IHAC.


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How Review Videos Affect Buying Decisions

Consumers often doubt test-based customer reviews because they feel that written reviews can be easily manipulated. Instead of reading reviews, they prefer to watch videos that feature real customers. In fact, the top product review on YouTube is made by a 9-year old kid who honestly reviews toys.

Buying decisions are often long and comprehensive because of the presence of many fake products and services offered by online vendors. Consumers are usually in doubt whether a product is actually genuine. Authentic customer reviews are very crucial in influencing a person to make a purchasing decision. It is very likely for a consumer to read or watch review videos and testimonials before actually paying for a product or service.

How to make an effective review video

  • It is important to have a proper script to avoid missing the important aspects of the product or service being reviewed. Highlight the key features that are exclusively available to the product.
  • The review must not sound too salesly, otherwise you will be killing your chances even before you start. The moment that viewers feel that the review is just a paid advertisement they would move to another review made by a genuine customer.
  • Connect with the satisfied customer base whether they are willing to talk about the product and answer some questions to add credibility to the review.

A digital marketing agency uses king kong marketing agency review as a useful tool to help generate potential clients. Review videos help clients understand what the company does and how it will help them achieve success.

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Why Reviews Are Considered As Powerful SEO Tools

Every SEO consultant will tell you that fresh and relevant content is very critical to SEO. This is the reason why many businesses are encouraged to write blogs, create new landing pages and invest in content marketing. Reviews work in the same way.

When a business gets customer reviews regularly, they have a consistent influx of new content for search engine spiders. Things get better when the reviews are posted on authoritative platforms that have many followers.

Gaining a high ranking in search engine results is not about impressing automated bots because Google also relies on human quality control team. This is the reason why strong reviews are considered as powerful SEO tools.

When a site is being evaluated, automatized search engine algorithms use spiders to look through product reviews and testimonials as customer content. The human quality control team manually evaluates the reputation of the site looking for truth, authority, and expertise. The content provided by customers through their reviews provides the site with legitimacy and allows it to gain the benefits from manual and automated rating systems.

The emphasis is always on getting good reviews but a few unfavourable reviews won’t hurt the site’s position. Unfavourable reviews are normal and expected because you cannot please everyone.

A digital marketing agency has achieved an excellent online reputation because of the king kong SEO review posted on online review sites. While most of the reviews are written by the employees themselves, they managed to establish credibility which is very critical for the brand.

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Google’s Push For Privacy Draws Scrutiny From US Legislators

Google’s plans to phase out third-party cookies, the most commonly used tracking tool for ads, has garnered concerns from US Justice Department Investigators who’ve been asking executives and experts as to whether or not the change from Google would hobble its smaller rivals.

Back in 2020, Google announced that it would be banning cookies in Chrome as a user privacy measure, with more details being revealed as time passed. As a result, online ads rivals have complained about losing third-party cookies due to the fact that it’s so commonly used as a marketing data-gathering tool.

The US Justice Department Investigators have made inquiries on the matter, asking whether or not the tech company is preventing rival ad companies from tracking users.

The latest conversations about the matter show that officials and legislators have been tracking Google’s projects in the global online ad market, which makes sense, due to the fact that Chrome accounts for 60% of the total market share. As for global online ad revenue, Google and Facebook account for 54%.

The inquiry by the US Justice Department noted that this might not lead to legal action, though it remains to be seen. Executives from at least a dozen companies from different sectors have talked with the investigators, according to reports.

Notably, the US government has been looking at Google’s search and ad businesses since-2019, and, in October 2020, it filed a lawsuit against Google accusing anti-competitive tactics from the tech giant.

Google has insisted that these changes are for user privacy but, regardless, marketers like king kong sabri suby have been watching it closely due to the company’s large market share.


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How Local SEO Is Affected By Online Reviews

Online reviews have become an essential part of any business. With more and more people spending their time online, the reviews posted on sites have become more powerful than ever.

Not only do reviews do so much to influence potential customers into patronizing a brand, but they’re also watched closely by search engines. Online reviews are now a major factor in SEO, one of the biggest aspects that determine how well a site ranks in SERPs.

Here are the ways online reviews affect SEO.

Bot food

If your brand has a good online reputation strategy, then you’ll get fresh reviews regularly. Fresh reviews mean fresh content, which is the lifeblood of any SEO campaign.

Reviews posted regularly provide fresh content for the search engine bots to crawl through and enjoy. If those reviews about you are posted on the big names like TrustPilot or Yelp, then they’re all the more effective.

Can be good quality

SEO is more than just ensuring the bots have food, it’s also about providing quality content for search engine review teams.

The people behind SEOs look at the site to see if it’s trustworthy, looking for things like authority, veracity, expertise, and the like, which are only earned by providing excellent customer content.

Negative reviews aren’t all bad

With the emphasis on good reviews, it’s easy to assume that negative reviews should be avoided at all costs. The good thing about bad reviews is that, on their own, they don’t actually degrade search engine rankings.

Negative reviews are a natural part of any business operation, and any review, positive or negative, are carefully analyzed in order to ensure their veracity and credibility. Search engines also look at how businesses handle these things, as a sign of expertise and trustworthiness. A good king kong SEO review is, well, good, but a bad one can also be good if you handle it right.

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