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Year Of The Pig Predictions On The Property Market

Divorce is not just a simple act of separating; a contract with life consequences must be broken. Even if the divorce is uncontested, it is still important to hire divorce solicitors in Melbourne to help through the process. There must be an agreement on which spouse keeps the assets, who pays the liabilities and who will have custody over the children.

Divorce has legal consequences. It is not enough to simply say that this property goes to the spouse. For example, if there is real estate, the transfer must be legal and needs to go through the proper channels. A lawyer is the best person to provide advice on how properties can be divided to minimize tax consequences.

In case you are interested in the property market, the Year of the Pig will reward property experts who are willing to get their hands dirty. The pig is a symbol of good fortune in the Chinese culture but it also means hard work without any expectations of returns. According to Ming Xu, director of Biggin & Scott Glen Waverly, those with a relaxed view can find a fortune in the property market.

A prediction for first-home buyers who are serious about breaking into the market is to start thinking about renting an apartment that looks a bit like a pig pen because it could potentially be the ticket to good fortune. Make sure though that it has a good structure which could be renovated after saving money at purchase. Invest a little more hard work to make more money when you sell it in the future.

Those who opt to spend their Saturday mornings at auctions and inspecting houses, there is a very good chance of spotting a property when the market turns a corner. This will provide a head start once the market rises again.

If you are going to file for a divorce, your best option is to obtain independent legal advice that can be provided by divorce solicitors in Melbourne who have extensive experience in family law in Australia. Divorce laws may vary from country to country and it is for your best interests to get the services of a lawyer who understands divorce laws in Australia.

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Is There Trouble In San Francisco’s Real Estate Market?

Is San Francisco’s hot real estate market showing signs of trouble? According to a note to its clients, analysts at Morgan Stanley through their leader Vance Edelson said that the tech IPO slowdown has started some concerns that one of the hottest real estate markets might be ready for a pause.Edelson and his team looked at commercial real estate market wherein rents have risen by about 70% since 2009.Demand has consistently been robust as proven by only 6.5% vacancies in the cities’ office space.

Edelson and his team wrote that robust demand since the Great Recession has been in question because the pickup in subleasing earlier this year including the weaknesses in the AlphaWise survey that was done earlier in the week and tech IPO slowdown is now in the spotlight. Office absorption tracks the IPO market overtime but there are strong mitigating factors that include strong pre-leasing of new space, constraints in future development and vacancy that is still considered to be very close to historic lows.

Edelson and his team have also charted the number of tech IPO’s against commercial net absorption rates to be able to measure the difference between office spaces that have been just vacated and office space that has just been occupied. Based on the chart, the pace for new tech IPO’s have slowed down most particularly with tech space where over half of the companies that are filing for SEC are said to have disclosed material weakness.

Disclosing material weakness usually means problems with a company’s financials although it is not a sign that the company is in a bad state. They are just being realistic about their condition although this is not a positive sign for the market. According to the report, sub-leasing increased to 1.4 million square feet of office space or 1.5% of available stock which means that companies occupying large amounts of space are sub-leasing to smaller tenants in order to supplement their leases.

It is expected though that the market will remain fairly balanced although it is clear that the market is slowing down. The market is facing some problems finding enough tenants to occupy 7% of current available space.

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