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Sennder Taking On Freight-Forwarding With $70M Worth Of Funding

Logistics is one of the older, less-understood parts of the commercial world. But with Amazon proving that logistics is worth the effort and investment, and many other companies proving how hard it hits to ignore logistics, many businesses across the world are looking to enter the logistics business.

Berlin-based Sennder, recently announced a round of funding, which they report will be for the digitization and modernization of the antiquated logistics market with a digital platform. Reports surrounding the FTL Dedicated Truckload Freight company’s Series C funding round say that they brought in approximately $70mn.

The funding was led by Lakestar, with several other firms like Accel, H14, Next46, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, Project A, and even Scania Growth Capital, investing in the startup. Notably, it’s the second round of funding that Sennder ran in 2019, with a Series B financial round earlier in Spring. This investing shows the interest of investors in logistics, which is currently estimated to sit at a value of $400bn in Europe.

Other major funding rounds in the trucking industry include other companies that handle FTL Dedicated Truckload Freight, competing with Sennder in their niche, like US’s Flexport receiving an investment of $3.2bn, the UK’s Zencargo raising $20mn, among others.

This shows how crowded the market really is, and where corporate specializations come into play. For Sennder, they specialize in the FTL Dedicated Truckload Freight market, aimed at the organization, logging and optimization of cargo, with a particular focus on smaller and mid-sized companies.

In Europe alone, that particular sector is estimated to be worth around $120bn. As with other startups, Sennder hopes to bring cloud-based communication and improved tracking and record keeping, as well as better logistical organization to the trucking industry, which has been operating mostly with faxed or shipped invoices, among other archaic methods.

Sennder co-founder David Nothacker states that they’ve pooled together the knowledge that he and the other co-founders acquired, with the goal of improving operations in the trucking industry. He adds that they believe that sennder is leading the way in digitization, and reliability. Nothacker co-founded Sennder alongside Nicolaus Schefenacker and Julius Koehler.


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Emerging Business Trends For Logistics Managers

Logistics is a highly competitive business. The success of the business depends on using the latest technologies to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to the clients. They should strive to provide optimum logistics solutions to the client and assist them in streamlining their logistical operations.

Here are some emerging trends in logistics management, every specialist logistics company, should integrate into their business model.

Warehouse automation

Automation is becoming the norm of the day. Today’s businesses have become global and fast paced. The ever-increasing demands of the customers, coupled with resource crunch and wafer thin margins have made it a necessity to invest in warehouse automation. Automation helps logistics companies to manage the workload in the warehouse in an efficient manner.Automating functions like, fleet deployment, monitoring fleet movement and other critical tasks helps warehouse managers to concentrate on other important functions of warehouse management. Automation also helps to improve the accuracy, efficiency and velocity of the warehouse operations.

Using Big data

Data analytics is the future of logistics businesses. Big data analytics helps logistics managers to optimize their routing, identifying and dealing with bottlenecks in supply chain management and to streamline the operations in the warehouse. Big data analytics also helps logistics managers to improve their last mile delivery services. Analysing data about consumers helps them to identify the best delivery times and modes.

Use of Omni channel delivery

Logistics companies are trying to merge the different delivery channels into a single Omni channel to provide exceptional customer service. Logistics companies use a single central hub and route different channels through this hub. This helps them to orchestrate the product flow and provide a consistent consumer experience across all the channels.

Effective collaboration

Strategic collaboration is the way forward for logistics companies. In the scenario where businesses are increasingly going global and require speedy and efficient logistics management, any single company cannot hope to provide all the services. Strategic collaborations with different players across the world helps logistics companies to enjoy economic conveniences, cost efficiencies and agility in operations.

Service chains

Logistics companies are moving towards service chains. Service chains helps the specialist logistics company to reduce complexities in service chain and provide efficient services to the clients.

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How To Find Reputed And Reliable Logistics Companies In Perth

The logistics companies in Perth are businesses that handle the arranging of storage and shipment of goods on behalf of their customers. They generally offer a variety of services to include the preparation of shipping and import/export documents, warehousing, monitoring inland transit, negotiating freight fees, freight consolidation, booking of cargo space, shipment insurance and the filing of possible insurance claims.

The logistics companies in Perth play an important role in the import and export industry due to its smooth and fast shipment of goods in the global market. As they are important, there are several companies now offering freight forwarding services. And this is no easy task to do especially if you want to find a reliable logistics that can provide the right service for you. To ensure the best service, here are qualities to find in a forwarder:

  • Highly organised and proficient in the documentation process of shipping goods anywhere.

A reputed forwarder will handle the freight services accurately and efficiently for clients as they can’t afford to make mistakes in this business. In freight forwarding, you need to have the right documentation and ensure the cargoes are delivered to the desired location. Although there is insurance, it can take more time and resources to claim. After all, you wanted the goods shipped properly to its destination with no delays.

  • Provides good packing service.

To ensure the shipment is safe and intact, they need to be packed well to avoid damages along the way. For any type of goods, especially the fragile and dangerous ones, a good packing service will keep them safe. You need to choose a forwarder with adequate knowledge and experience for this job.

  • Has a reliable network of forwarding agents and customs brokers from origin to destination.

This will ensure all shipments will have a seamless trip while minimizing possibilities of shipment withheld in ports. Any delay can be expensive for the logistics companies in Perth handling the cargoes.

  • Ensure communication and accurate monitoring system.

There must be a good line of communication between the forwarder and the shipper to ensure the cargo is delivered to the exact location on the agreed time. This will give assurance and peace of mind to the shipper.

  • Reliable insurance coverage.

The logistics companies in Perth will ensure that insurance takes care of shipments that have any damages or losses and are properly compensated.



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How To Compare Courier Quotes Online

One of the most obvious reasons why online courier services have become popular is the ease of accessing courier quote online at any time of the day. The virtual environment allows consumers to compare quotes easily and make the right choice. A large amount of shipping information is also available to help with the decision making process.

Consumers must always shop around for the best courier quotes before sending a parcel to a certain destination. Making a comparison of delivery services is very simple. Your parcel has specific dimensions which you need to be delivered to a certain destination by a certain time. You start the process by filling up the courier quote form by giving yours and the recipient’s details. When you compare courier quote online, make sure that you are comparing like-for-like.

Don’t be a victim of gimmicks. Some courier companies have higher prices. They make it appear that you are getting a good deal by offering a voucher code. Even if you get a 7% discount because of the voucher code, continue to shop around because there are courier services that can offer a lower quote without any gimmicks.

When you compare courier quotes, make sure to know the level of service you want. Some courier companies will offer you cheaper insurance which you have to take into account depending on the parcel that you are sending to a recipient. For example, it is worth choosing a courier service that offers higher insurance coverage if you are sending high value items like computers, communication equipment, medical supplies or home entertainment systems.

Besides comparing quotes, it is makes sense to read reviews on the courier’s website whether customers are satisfied with the service provided. Reviews are similar to word-of-mouth recommendations because they are based on the personal experiences of consumers.

If you want more detailed information on courier quote online, make sure to access the FAQ page where the most common questions from consumers are answered. There are also important shipping guidelines that must be followed including tracking options so that you will always know where your parcel is at a certain time of the day.

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Government Set To Back Port Of Melbourne Rail Shuttle

Good news for businesses in Melbourne, especially like a Melbourne courier company, who deal with logistics, as both the local Victorian and the national Australian Governments have recently made announcements, stating that they are set to support several projects aimed at improving road traffic in Melbourne and the currently existing rail network.

These new projects are aimed at improving traffic, taking trucks off of the local roads as well as connecting the Port of Melbourne to the major freight hubs across the state of Victoria.

The Governments will soon look into the methods on creating a network of rail freight shuttles on the current rail network, which will lead to the connection of the Port of Melbourne to the major freight hubs, as well any major Melbourne courier company in the city, and across the state.

Darren Chester, the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport stated that the proposal would utilize the rail, with its ability to carry larger volumes and sizes of freight compared to trucks, whilst also alleviating congestion issues across Victoria’s capital.

According to Chester, trucks have become more common on Victorian roads due to the increased export from the Australian Government’s free trade agreements. The project is then aimed at using the rail network to move larger volumes of freight, as well as reducing congestion on Victoria’s roads.

He states that the freight and logistics industry had, prior to the proposal, identified the rail network’s potential to reduce transport costs by approximately 10%, while, at the same time, improving efficiency and the country’s trade competitiveness. This, according to Chester, is the reason why the Australian Government is investing $8.4B on the Inland Rail project, which will connect Brisbane and Melbourne together.

Luke Donnellan, the Victorian Minister for Roads, Road Safety and Ports, explained, saying that the Port of Melbourne is the state’s primary freight hub, and will remain so for a generation. With volumes set to double over the next 2 decades, he says that steps need to be taken to share the load between road and rail.

This proposal is similar to the Port Rail Shuttle project, which will work alongside the Inland Rail, in order to enhance the transportation in and out of the Port of Melbourne.

The Australia Logistics Council has already expressed their support towards the project and the government’s utilization of rail freight, which they say will be a key aspect in improving Victoria’s supply chain efficiency and safety.

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