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New York Couple’s Horrifying Divorce Ordeal

When a couple with loaded real estate gets a divorce, it will either go smoothly or terribly wrong. The latter is currently happening with a rich New York couple who decided it is time to go their separate ways. Before divorcing, these couples usually consult therapists such as Patrick Mahony to get to the bottom of their individual issues and if nothing comes out of it then it is better to separate in good terms.

The couple, Robyn and Dean Billings, own one of the most expensive and luxurious real estate property in Staten Island. Inside their home is a garage that houses their Ferraris – one for each of them and even their koi pond in the backyard has its own caretaker. As they process their divorce, one can already tell that the battle is going to be an expensive one.

Aside from their Todt Hill mansion which costs multimillion of dollars, the two are also fighting who gets to have their multiple bank accounts, their luxury vehicles as well as who gets to pay all of their employees including the tuition fees of their children who are currently enrolled in private schools.

According to 48-year-old Robyn, his husband took the lifestyle she is used to and is purposely showing her that he has been spending it with other women. She added that the life she has known with him and that of their children has been one big lie.

She is claiming that her husband Dean who owns a pesticide empire is not paying their bills nor is he paying the tuition fees of their children. Dean is now living in Battery Park City and takes a trip to Miami twice a month where he rents yachts and uses all their money in strip clubs.

She believes that her husband needs to talk to a therapist like Patrick Mahony to get to the bottom of his issues before they can move on from this tragedy. Their marital estate is now dwindling and he has been spending a lot of money renting luxury real estate to house his girlfriends. Now they may have to put to sale their $6.3 million property in order to balance their finances.

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