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Marketing Ideas For Bondi Junction Hair Salons

Marketing is crucial if you want to grow your business. A salon is an ideal business in these modern times because it is one of the most popular businesses that has a great demand from people who want to look great.

You earn the appreciation of your clients by the excellent service you give them which can be capitalized to translate it to increased sales and new clients. Many popular Bondi Junction hair salons that offer different kinds of hair services create marketing strategies to improve their sales, maintain regular clients, and capture new customers. The following marketing ideas can help you develop and grow your salon business for better service and revenue:

  1. Innovation – just like a new haircut, you need to be innovative by trying to do various things in your marketing ideas. A variety of salon initiatives can attract new customers and maintain existing clients. Being creative like giving freebies, extra services, and product samples will make your clients feel excited and valued. Offering discounts on services is also an excellent way of attracting your clients. To keep you connected with your clients, it is also essential that you keep a record of their profile for your reference on their next visit.
  2. Use social media – create a social media account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share or post beautiful pictures to capture the attention of your clients. Pictures paint a thousand words; thus, they can boost your social media initiatives.
  3. Design a website – a fresh-looking and fantastic website makes a strong first impression online of your prospective customers. Make sure that your web design is easy to use and has an excellent layout. Aside from amazing web design, you must make your online marketing go beyond your fabulous website. Do not stop on your Facebook page. You can extend to advertising on Google and monitor your reviews. Always respond to customers who post significant or shall we say negative reviews and act on them to enhance whatever is being emphasized.
  4. Salon events – you can set-up a booth on beauty events and inform the people of your special offers on hair services. You can connect with wedding planners and hotel marketing offices to agree on a referral system.

Being innovative and creative offer many benefits to grow your salon business. Always ensure to comply with your marketing strategies to avoid any bad reactions from your clients. Excellent customer service and customer satisfaction must be your top priorities.


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Beware Of Companies Offering Fraud Household Cleaning Services

Homeowners can never escape the fact that while there are good businesses out there, there are also those who are up to no good. These companies offer household cleaning services to homeowners but ends up scamming them. Even the best carpet cleaning in Perth admitted that there are still a number of businesses in the cleaning industry that are scamming their clients such as not delivering their promised results or cutting corners in order to save costs. This is why it is important for homeowners to know how to determine the good from the bad ones.

One of the most common frauds that are prevalent in the carpet cleaning industry is referred to as bait and switch. This happens when the company posted an advertisement for very cheap service and they show up in time complete with equipment but once they are already in the client’s home they increase the charges. To avoid this, it is recommended that homeowners should have their home assessed to know the exact amount the company will be charging. Makes sure the amount is written and agreed by both parties in order to avoid being scammed by paying more than what is originally agreed upon.

Another scam from carpet cleaners is known as wet carpet. This is often heard from companies that are not able to remove the stain from a carpet. Cleaners will tell the homeowners that the stain will be removed once the carpet dries up when in fact it will stay the same even after drying. Payment should be made when the carpet is dry to make sure the result matches your expectation and the company’s promise.

Many people are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of chemicals in cleaning products to the environment. This is why homeowners tend to hire a carpet cleaning in Perth if they advertise to use only cleaning products that are chemical-free and eco-friendly. The truth is that green products tend to be more expensive therefore there are companies that will try to save costs by using synthetic products without the customer knowing. Do not hesitate to ask you cleaner about the products they are using and do your own research.

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